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13. Dezember 2021

Finally I have Shopify talking to QBO, which is amazing. Quickbooks bridge is a great value and their customer service is very helpful. Unfortunately, you are not able to get instantaneous answers, but they answer thoroughly and seem to really listen to your needs. They even built in a feature upon request which allows you to just hit a button and sync your quantities from QBO into Shopify thereby making the process easier when you receive inventory. Things that I wish were built in... a way for customer notes to transfer from Shopify to QBO. I also think they could have a bit more information available on how to use/set up the app so you wouldn't have to get as much help from them when you have questions. I do think they might be building this out more. All in all, I am quite happy with the app and I think it will continue to get better as they seem to listen to their clients. If I could have given them 4.5 stars I would have.

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3. Februar 2021

The Bridge app has been essential for my business to run its reports on QBO. We appreciate how easily it was set up and how quickly it runs its sync. The customer service has been absolutely on point and able to help us find solutions to most of our concerns. I recommend discussing your needs with the Bridge team before you get too far into your reporting to ensure you set it up correctly the first time around and avoid having to re-do work in the future. The support team is knowledgeable and will be able to guide.

Fit It Out
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7. September 2020

I use this app for orders and inventory sync, which is done nicely. Support is very responsive and supportive in helping set up and configure. Would like to have a notification on failed sync, also a view of the tables with products, locations mapping together between SHPF and QBO.

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Bearbeitet am 8. September 2020

Overall this app does the job, syncs over transactions from Shopify to Quickbooks saving time not having to enter customer details and what they ordered. There are some issues (support advise it's a Quickbooks issue) with cents rounding and you have to be careful with SKU syncing because if you change a SKU you need to ask support to refresh the sync as it doesn't update automatically. Support have been very helpful working through these issues and once you're aware of them you can manage them. It's still be a great time saver and I will be keeping the app.

Isle of Summer Label
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17. Februar 2020

QuickBooks Bridge has great customer service! When I contacted them with a concern, they responded quickly!

NZ Productions LLC
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18. September 2019

Had some minor sync issue at the beginning, then Sanjay was very helpful and solved the issue very fast!

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Bearbeitet am 7. August 2020

Best among the lower-priced QBO sync apps we've tried. We get some issues with orders that have been modified (items removed, refunds, etc.) but overall works well for most of our orders. Would recommend!

Konrads Specialty Foods & Ingredients
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5. Februar 2021

We use this app with QB Desktop (Premier, Manufacturer's edition). At $40 per month, it is the best available app for the money. All other apps were in the $250/month neighborhood. Overall, QB Bridge saves time by importing all your orders as sales receipts and/or invoices (user's choice at configuration set up). It can create customer records for those orders, or put all your Shopify orders under one dummy customer. You can map products in Shopify to QB by either SKU or Product Name. If a product doesn't match exactly, the app creates a new non-inventory part item in QB. (You can report on this and manually correct it in QB). According to Support, you can map an item in Shopify to a subitem in QB by following the syntax Parent:Subitem, but we have not yet been able to confirm that functionality. We installed and configured the app easily. Upon our initial sync we had difficulties. The app appeared to stall. We connected with Support via email then by telephone and shared desktop and they worked with us for over an hour until we were up and running. They were courteous, attentive, and helpful. In our initial trial, we found that about 10% of the orders had sync errors and failed to import. We notified Support, but it has been about 2 business days and we have not received a reply on those sync failures. There's an option to resync failed orders. We tried that with one order, but it still failed to sync and after retrying, the problematic order disappeared from the app's list of unsynced/error orders even though it was still unsynced. Manually recreating 10% of your orders in QB can be time-consuming for large customers. For small customers, it's probably not that big of a deal. We gave the app 4 out of 5 stars because it provides good, time-saving functionality at a very reasonable price. We deducted the 1 star for the hiccups and the fact that we would have liked an acknowledgement/response from Support by now on the 10% sync failures.

Goodness Gracious
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12. März 2020

I just connected my quickbooks account and I tell you what it is great for and where it has limitations as an all in one solutions.

Great for: If you are a pure Shopify payment or PayPal payment shop, then this solution is essentially fully automated in allocating out sales by product sku, sales tax, transaction fees. Super easy and pretty much hands off. Fantastic.

Limitation: We have a subscription based website that uses recharge and processes payment through stripe. This solution will capture the sale for subscriptions appropriately and create a "Due from Stripe" account on the balance sheet. However, when stripe sends payment to the bank, they send it net of their transaction fees, which this solution does NOT pick up. So, there is a manual entry you need to make to back transaction fees out of "Due from Stripe" on the balance sheet and into a transaction fee expense account.

Overall, I'd recommend this solution. I looked at other solutions and they all had similar limitations

Joy Food Company
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