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3. Februar 2023

I needed an app that could transfer all of my sales data into Quickbooks Online easily making it easy to manage my books.

I have yet to actually test this app in the field, so I can only hope that the initial settings I selected to set up this app works correctly. Set up was pretty straight forward, but there were a few settings I wasn't exactly sure about, such as holding accounts and such. They provided instructions, so I just kind of followed what they did in the instructions so hopefully that works.

However, I did have an issue with my products syncing into Quickbooks and I reached out to support. They were fast in helping and resolved the issue right away.

I thought that non-inventory products were synced as part of the subscription but it was an extra $1 a month for this feature. Not a big deal, and also very reasonable. Pricing wise, I feel like this app is priced very well and provides a lot of different subscription plans for all types of businesses. It's not too expensive for a small business like me and that's exactly one of the reasons why I chose them as a lot of the other apps are just insanely expensive just to transfer data from point A to B.

Furious Sauces
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25. August 2023

We tried several other QuickBook connectors that weren't bringing over the data the way we wanted it. QuickBooks Bridge was easy to set up andget all our cutomre and sales order data sync'd with QuickBooks. We haven't explored syncing inventory so not sure howwell that function works.

Sidewalk Skateboard Distribution B2B
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Bearbeitet am 12. Januar 2023

This is THE Shopify -> QBO sync app. We have used dozens, and this is hands down the best. Not only that, but the support staff is SUPER quick to respond, and they have even added a small feature for us within 24 hours. Incredible.

Update: I have dealt with the team on numerous occasions since this post, and have nothing but the best to say. They are super responsive, and very understanding.

Mila Lifestyle Accessories
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9. Januar 2023

This Parex Bridge does everything it needs to do to bring in transactions from Shopify to Quickbooks seemlessly. A few big advantages over its competitors is that it can bring over transactional data rather than just one lump sum for the day PLUS it costs a lot less than the bigger competitors. The customer support is also fantastic. I would highly recommended it as a QBO Proadvisor.

PahaQue Wilderness
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1. Juni 2023

Bridge brings the item-level detail (sales by SKU) from my Shopify sales into QuickBooks! Customer service is excellent. It takes usually 12 hours for them to respond to email, but they are thorough and always are able to resolve my issue with little back and forth. Bridge even automates a journal entry for the Shopify fees and charges deducted from payouts! The only payments you have to manually reconcile are non-Shopify payments (Amazon, PayPal, etc.). The app has saved me countless hours of manual entries!

Eat Your Flowers by Loria
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24. Juli 2023

We are overall happy with this app. We ran into some issues in the beginning, but the support team was quick to help us get our settings right and now it's working just as we need it to!

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16. Mai 2023

A great app that saves time and simplifies the Shopify QuickBooks integration. I had a few issues getting everything to sync up as I wanted, the support was very helpful with this and responded very quickly with solutions.

Crua Outdoors
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2. Dezember 2022

Amazing service, reached out with a specific need. Resolved in less than 24 hours. highly recommend

Bogey Bros
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30. Juni 2023

They have been very helpful and always willing to go the extra mile. They are quick and always reply back to my request next day. The app has been very consistent and I deffinently recommend.

Janitorial Superstore
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1. März 2023

Good service and helpful folks. Had a few issues getting everything to sync up correctly, but they responded quickly with fixes.

Deaf Man Vinyl
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