Quicklink Page & Loading Speed

Quicklink Page & Loading Speed


Let your visitors navigate your store faster.

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Quicklink Page & Loading Speed 정보

About Quicklink

Quicklink is a small addition to your theme that will speed up your store for your customers. It does so by preloading any content behind the links a visitor can see while browsing your store. This drastically reduces loading times when they click on a link, leading to a better shopping experience.

Improve your page speed

Quicklink drastically reduces loading times for visitors navigating your store, up to almost instantanious loading of a site.

Improve your conversions

Page speed is directly linked to the conversion rate of online stores. By improving your page speeds you will most likely improve your conversion rate and therefore revenues.

Easy to install

The app is incredibly easy to set up. After install, you're just one click on a button away from improving your page speed

Open Source technology maintained by Google

Quicklink is an open source technology created by Google, its source code is public on Github (Link can be found in the app). Using this app you don't need any technical knowledge to made it available with a single click in your store.

Optimized for Shopify

We've optimized Quicklink to run on Shopify stores by creating exceptions for caching on specific pages like Shopify's cart page.


I'm not seeing any improvements of my page speed in the online store speed score after installing the app.

Quicklink improves the page loading speed when navigating the inner pages of your store. The online store speed score only checks the initial loading time of your store, which is not impacted by Quicklink.

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This actually decreased my speed and also affected my store. im not able to change coloring in the customize section for example. i want the developer to get back to me ASAP to remove code from theme.

개발자 회신

2021년 6월 30일

Hi memrable,

thank you for your feedback.

As discussed via mail our app only uses Shopify's official ScriptTag API: https://shopify.dev/api/admin/rest/reference/online-store/scripttag

This means: As soon as you uninstall our app from your store, Shopify will stop loading our app and there's nothing left in your theme or somewhere else.

Quote from the Shopify docs linked above:
"Script tags are scoped to the app that created them. When an app is uninstalled from a shop, all of the script tags that it created are automatically removed along with it."


That's why it's technical impossible for us to remove any code from your store as it was already removed. Unfortunately you theme still didn't work after uninstalling our app, so the problem must have been caused by something else.


Our app basically works as follows: As soon your home page was fully loaded, our app start to fetching all sites that could be visited next and holds those in the browser's cache. This can't cause issues with the customiser.

The technology behind is is built and maintained by Google and is used in a lot of projects. We just adapted it for Shopify and offering as an 1-click-install app here so a merchant's theme code doesn't need to be modified.

Up until now you were the first of hundreds of users with this problem, so it's probably a pretty unique case here and is probably connected to your theme or another app.

Please let us know if we can help you with anything else and we'll happily jump in.

Best regards,



Very Good App with excellent faster connection to our shop, all Sides will be faster to open, you will feel it, so i can say take this app and you will see it, i love this speed.