Quiz for Coupon

Quiz for Coupon

af KakaSoft

Efficient way to enhance ad performance and get more visitors.

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More traffic and less cost

By adjusting the game settings, you can set a large bonus pool amount to attract users, each winner gets a coupon with a reasonable amount.

Optimize your ad performance

By sharing a huge amount of bonus pool, users prefer to click on ads.

Increase the rate of return

The bonus can be issued regularly by your will, and users prefer to visit frequently.

Om Quiz for Coupon

Limited Time Offer! $1.99/$9.99/19.99, only this month!

Bring in the most popular marketing mode to your store!

Is the coupon already unable to bring more traffic? Advertising performance is difficult to improve? You should try this!

Quiz for Coupon is one of the most effective tools to optimize your ad and reach wider customers and immediately get traffic.


  • Very effective in optimizing your ad performance — By sharing a huge amount of bonus pool, users prefer to click on ads. Let's imagine that if the user sees the ad, the ad content is a winner and can get a portion from the $100,000 prize pool, is it very attractive! Does it seem to cost a lot? No, let's do some math. Your ad may bring you 200,000 customers, 5000 customers win the game, you just sent a $20 coupon to each winner. If they use coupons, you have sales generated. If they don't, you get the user for free.
  • Precisely reach target customers — through already-engaged and already-established audiences. Just imagine which message you would open to have a look, the one from your best friend or from a stranger. The answer will absolutely be your best friend. YES! Make full use of the existing network and boost your business.
  • Highly interact with customers and foster customer loyalty — We choose one of the most popular game to build a strong bound between shoppers and owners. The game can make visitors feel like it is their knowledge and wisdom that get them coupons which is more challenging and attractive than simply issuing coupons. It will make a big difference after visitors win more game prize. Thus a customer loyalty starts to develop.
  • Easier to set up — for store owners. Simple to use, easy to share, quick to gain crowd. Please follow the steps in Set-up Introduction.
  • Bonus quiz to get traffic has been proved to be an effective way throughout different fields. For example, the social media platforms in China intensely use this method to gather traffic. In peak time, there can be over 3 million people playing quiz at the same time. A quick count, if the 3 million people are going to share the platform link, there could be another 3 million people covered. That is a HUGE number, isn’t it?



  • Udviklerens website
  • Politik om beskyttelse af persondata findes ikke
  • sp-cs@onkaka.com




  • Two games total
  • 1 hour fixed game duration
  • Max $1000 reward pool



  • Up to 2 games per month
  • Up to 2 hours game duration
  • Selectable question category
  • Max $1000 reward pool
  • Can use revival card



  • Up to 8 games per month
  • Up to 24 hours game duration
  • Max $10000 coupon pool
  • Use revival card for max 5 times per game



  • Unlimited usage

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