Prehook: Quiz Funnels

Prehook: Quiz Funnels


Drive Revenue and Capture More Leads with Interactive Quizzes

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Convert More Customers

Discover exactly what shoppers are looking for, so you can give the right recommendation, offer, and message.

Capture More Leads

Grow your email list faster, with greater customer insights. Then send the data to your CRM to create personalized campaigns and segments.

Delight More Customers

Bring your store to life with Prehook’s interactive quiz. See more sales and repeat customers as shoppers love the personalized experience.

有關 Prehook: Quiz Funnels

Prehook: Quiz Funnels is proud to be selected as a Shopify Staff Pick!

Prehook is the most robust quiz builder for Shopify merchants: every feature you need to create a product match quiz and personalized recommendation, with a simple User Interface and no-code builder.

Get your product recommendation quiz live in a matter of minutes, to instantly add personalization, a better shopping experience, and ultimately more sales!

Prehook: Quiz Funnels will:

  • Increase Conversion Rate: Recommend the perfect product with a dynamic Product Recommendation logic that you set up in a few clicks.

  • Grow A Better Email List, Faster: Capture more emails, and critical zero-party data.

  • Improve Customer Experience: A shoppable quiz will educate customers on your brand, and product, just like you would if you were in person.

Why Prehook: Quiz Funnels

  • Partnership: We will work with you to get your quiz exactly as you want it. No addiitonal hidden fees or managed service fees.

  • Built for Speed: We understand the impact of page speed on conversion rate. Prehook: Quiz Funnels doesn’t impact your site speed.

  • Headless: We support all Headless CMS solutions! Just ask us how.

  • Plug and Play: The intuitive Admin dashboard makes it a breeze to build out a quiz and launch in minutes. No coding required.

  • Mobile-Friendly: Prehook is mobile responsive, so your quiz will render beautifully on all devices and browsers.

  • Publish Your Quiz In Minutes: Beautiful custom templates for your niche match the quiz to your brand.

Key Features

  • Product recommendations - personalize the your product recommendation quiz based on customer responses.

  • Conditional logic - increase engagement by only asking relevant questions with conditional logic rules.

  • Recall - make your quiz more dynamic and personalized with recall: use previous answers in quiz questions and recommendations, so you can create an engaging and interactive sales experience.

  • Add to cart - improve conversion rate by allowing customers to add to cart and check out directly from the quiz.

  • Email capture - accelerate list growth by capturing emails and sending custom properties directly to integrations like Klaviyo, Omnisend Attentive, & Postscript.

  • Easy Implementation - Get your quiz published in minutes, with no coding required. Works great for pre-purchase or post-purchase surveys of customers.

About Prehook: Quiz Funnels

Trusted by hundreds of the fastest-growing DTC brands, Prehook is the top-rated product recommendation quiz builder because we are dedicated to your success.

Our reviews demonstrate the success our merchants have when installing a Prehook quiz.

Get started today with your FREE 14 day to build your own product recommendation quiz!


  • Omnisend,
  • Klaviyo,
  • postscript,
  • Attentive

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Free Forever


  • Customized Product Recommendations
  • Conditional Logic
  • Recall
  • 10 engagements/month


每月 $35

或每年一次收費 $276,按每月 $23 計費

  • Up To 600 engagements/month
  • Customized Product Recommendations
  • Conditional Logic
  • Recall
  • All Integrations
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Email Support


每月 $95

或每年一次收費 $708,按每月 $59 計費

  • Everything in Basic Plan
  • Up To 2,000 engagements/month
  • Priority Phone Support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Representative
  • Headless Integration


每月 $195

或每年一次收費 $1,548,按每月 $129 計費

  • Everything in Standard Plan
  • Up To 6,000 Engagements/Month
  • Concierge onboarding
  • Customized Quiz Strategy Plan & Quiz Build Out

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** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

5.0 5 顆星


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🍔 Mr. Dobelina Buns

Quizzes are a necessary part of any eCommerce strategy, and Prehook gives all you need to craft the perfect quiz to guide your customers or upsells products from your store. The support is amazing and the guys at Prehook are always available to help and guide you on the best use of the app. Also their newsletter is a gem!



Thank you for the review, Mr. Dobelina! We're thrilled that you're using Prehook to help your marketing strategy, and thank you also for reading our newsletter!

- Gen

Unlock Your Chakras

Prehook is amazing! As a graphic designer, the design options on the quiz builder are good. But what really stands out is functionality and the support I got from the Prehook team. Gen helped me figure out how I need to tackle my very specific use case and even built out a whole quiz for me. Other App dev teams did not reply to my support tickets, or outright said they can't help me. While the folks at Prehook went above and beyond, providing support for their app and for OTHER platforms. And that's a rare thing these days. —Omar from



Hi Omar,

It's super exciting to see what you can do with the quiz to help people understand their chakras and health -- we're grateful that you chose Prehook to be a part of your journey, thank you for choosing us!

- Gen

Attracta's Ayurveda Secret

Being a small business owner and having a White collar job isn’t an easy fit, especially when your clients wish to know which products works best for them. Using prehook quiz has made it easier, customizing product recommendations and suitability. Also they do have excellent customer service. Overall - A PLEASED CLIENT HERE



Thank you for the review -- we are so happy that you are pleased with your quiz and Prehook experience! Here's to your continued success!

- Gen