Quiz Wizard

Quiz Wizard

door Eddie Software Services

Engage, retain & convert your visitors into paying customers

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Integration made easy

We worked hard so you don't have to! Integrating Quiz Wizard quizzes into your shop is as simple as it gets, and always improving!

Customize to match your needs

You have full control of every element in your quiz - customize the color, font and size to best match your native shop design.

Monitor & measure performance

We measure everything! And present the data with a simple suite of reports. Understanding performance and measuring ROI was never easier!

Over Quiz Wizard

Quiz Wizard is much more than just a quiz editor - it's a fully flagged marketing suite!


When your customers want to feel special and to get the feeling you attend to their unique needs - the name of the game becomes personalization!

Quiz Wizard enables shop owners to engage customers on a personal level, learn about them, about their needs so when the time comes shop owners can dazzle their customers with personalized, tailor made promotions increasing dramatically the conversion rates.

And how about letting your customers to customize their orders? You can integrate Quiz Wizard into your product page and enable your customers to customize their orders easily with a short quiz.

Lead acquisition & retention

Customers hate forms, that's a fact! Hitting your customers with another popup just to get their details doesn't cut it anymore. Shop owners need to think innovation - think Quiz Wizard!

Your customers are more likely to engage a quiz and leave their details in the end. And the shop owners, well, they win twice - first by getting a new lead and second by getting valuable insights about that lead. Yes! It's that simple.

Engage your customers with built-in quizzes or popups triggered by button, timer or leave page intention.

Measure performance

Many apps out there will sell you a great package but with no tools to measure performance or get your ROI. Most of them won't even be able to tell you which of your quizzes performs best.

Well, you guessed it! Quiz Wizard is equipped with a set of reports giving you all the data you will ever need to measure and make data driven decisions. Stop waisting time and focus on what works!

Integration & Support

We worked hard so you don't have to! Integrating Quiz Wizard quizzes into your shop is as simple as it gets, and always improving! Test it yourself!

But we do understand not every one has the time and some shop owners prefer to focus on growing their business rather than tinkering with technicalities - this is why we decided to come forward and offer you our professional service. We will help you with the integration, customization and prioritize your feature requests!

Customer Privacy & GDPR Compliance

Quiz wizard will not save any data, store or customer related!

In some cases we will retrieve data from Shopify APIs to provide the service but we do not store this data in any way.

Same goes for your customer, we will collect data to provide services but we do not store this data in any way on our servers!



  • Privacybeleid
  • ecom.services.wa@gmail.com




  • All quiz type
  • All integration types
  • Reports
  • Limited engagement quota
  • Limited media quota



  • Easy quiz embedding
  • Collect visitor details and sync with your Shopify account
  • Up to 600 engagements
  • Up to 10 media file uploads



  • Suggest products
  • Dashboard
  • Additional integration options via button and banner
  • Up to 1,500 engagements
  • Up to 30 media file uploads



  • Additional integration options via a popups
  • Integrate the quiz on your product pages
  • Up to 7,500 engagements
  • Up to 100 media file uploads

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