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17. August 2022

The app works well and provides good insight to my customers, but the LOAD TIME is a real issue. It drastically slows down the load time for my pages. For this app to grow you MUST improve the load time. Also you need to add options to jump out to a different page based on inputs. You used to have this but took the logic away in your recent update.

Just Chair Mats
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4 monate mit der App
14. Januar 2020

Is this quiz down? Curious as we have this live for paid traffic, and back end is code, without funciton.

Vereinigte Staaten
29 tage mit der App
Arham Web Works hat geantwortet 16. Januar 2020

No, it's not down. We have fixed the issue and it's working fine.

Bearbeitet am 26. Februar 2021

Please try to improve your free plan feature, especially with the "Save" button. Good luck with future improvements.

Simply Love
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Etwa 10 stunden mit der App
Arham Web Works hat geantwortet 25. Februar 2021

There is a misunderstanding. All of our paid plans have 14 days free trial. You have to upgrade the plan to test advanced features. You can cancel your subscription any time during the 14 days. There is no charge for it.