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20 februari 2024

This app is fantastic. Its quiz feature not only outperforms my original sign-up form in gathering email addresses but also facilitates initial communication with customers, guiding their first purchase effectively. Definitely worth trying out!

Digi Buss
19 februari 2024

The customer service is very responsive and accommodating. Also there are a lot of templates which makes it easy to set up a quiz.

Imagine Me Stories
14 februari 2024

I was immediately impressed by its quiz building process and seamless integration. I can see a noticeable impact on sales. Their support crew is next level. Can't recommend it enough!

My Store
6 februari 2024

I've been using Quizify for a while and honestly, it's a steal! Cheaper than others, yet packed with more features and superb quality. Super impressed with the value it brings and their support team.

Förenade Arabemiraten
29 december 2023

The Quizify app is useful and works properly!

Roll On Jade
Ungefär ett år användning av appen
18 december 2023

Very good app. The best I have worked with to help with product selection based on a quiz. Upgraded features are really worthwhile.

3 månader användning av appen
17 januari 2024

This app is great it saved us a lot of time and got our quiz section ready in a matter of minutes!! Not to mention the customer service who is always there to assist you all along, they even went the extra mile to help us edit parts of the theme to match the design layout of the quiz section with our store. Will be using this app for a long time.

6 dagar användning av appen
10 november 2023

So far so good. I am no tech expert so asked for help and Snehal of Quizify could not have been better. For a very reasonable cost, my quiz with conditional logic has been set up in double-quick time. Thank you!

VJJ Health
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
18 oktober 2023


Cult Crush
3 månader användning av appen
1 november 2023

We were looking for a lead generation app, and we came across Quizify.
After using it for a few days, we must admit, it has been really simple to setup, and even though when we came up with an issue during the setup, we reached out to customer support, and after a few minutes of exchanging with customer support, they understood what was our issue and how to solve it.
During the exchange, we even requested a feature which was not yet available but was similar to one of the feature they were already providing, and they were willing to implement it as this will solve another problem for us.
Most important for us, they were able to solve our main urgent issue within an hour, and promise to come back to us with the added feature within the next few days.
We are quite satisfied with Quizify and for us, to be able to generate leads and have each questions and format to be customized as we actually really want and to embedded into our website in various ways has been a game changer. We highly recommend it.

Akwaaba Energy GmbH
2 dagar användning av appen