Drive customer actions with a quiz.

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Catch attention

Capture attention with an interactive quiz.

Build credibility

Elevate your status. Be an evaluator of skill and knowledge.

Drive results

Ramp up call-to-action clicks. Optimize user behaviour with metrics.

关于 QuizToAction

QuizToAction is in beta. Try the app for free. We'd love to increase user engagement on your store!

User interaction and sales are important to your store.

QuizToAction engages customers and draws them to action.

Catch attention

QuizToAction catches your customers' attention with an interactive quiz on your storefront. Turn attention into action at the end of the quiz.

Build credibility

Gain respect, show authority and credibility with a knowledge quiz. With QuizToAction you can jump straight to being an evaluator of skill and knowledge. Immediately raise your status on topics relevant to your products and customers.

Drive results

Track quiz interactions to drive the user behaviours you want. QuizToAction gives you visibility of your metrics so you can increase call-to-action follow-throughs.

How it works

With QuizToAction you can design sets of questions and publish them as an interactive quiz to your storefront. The admin panel puts you in control to track improvements based on user interactions.

QuizToAction supports call-to-actions of product recommendations and email subscription.

QuizToAction is based on the belief that rich customer engagement is key to growth. Upgrade your store to an engaging experience.

QuizToAction is in Beta. Usage is free and unlimited during Beta. Paid plans coming soon.



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