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Quotilio ‑ Quote Manager

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Request Quote button, Add to Quote, Customizable Quote Form

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Request Quote Button in Store

Simple and easy one-click install Request to Quote button for customers in your store. No need to edit theme files for request quote button.

Easy quote submission process

Customers can submit quote requests easily. You can modify the requested quote with custom shipping price and send the invoice to customer.

Everything is customizable

No coding knowledge required to customize the quote request form and quote email template. You can easily customize your own from the app.

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Main Features of the App

  • Send unlimited numbers of quotes.
  • Add one-click request quote button in your store. (No theme file edit needed to do this.)
  • Request Quote Button on Selected Products.
  • Add to Quote button on the catalog page.
  • Customizable shipping price for the quote.
  • Create a quote with custom products.
  • Customizable request quote form.
  • Customizable add to quote button from the product details page.
  • Hide buy now and checkout button settings.
  • Customizable quote email template.
  • Instant quote mail status.
  • Notification on a new quote request.
  • Instant support available.

How the app works.

The Quotilio - Quote Manager allows you to create a new quote from the app dashboard and send the invoice email to your customer for checkout. Also, you can add Request Quote Button on the cart page of your Storefront. This will allow sending a quote request from your customer from your storefront. When customers send a quote, a draft quote is created instantly and available on the app dashboard. Your sales rep can modify the requested quote and send the final checkout link to your customer. Also, you can increase your B2B sales with the Request Quote Button.

Request Quote Button in your store.

You can add a Request Quote Button in your store with a simple one-click option. No coding knowledge or theme file editing required to do that. No look and feel required for the button because it will use your default theme file design settings.

Add to Quote button on the catalog page.

Reduce customer frustration by adding a quote button on your product catalog page. Customers can add the product to the quote without going to the product details page.

Editable shipping price.

You can set a customize shipping price for the requested quote.

Create a quote with custom products.

You can create a quote with custom products.

Customizable Quote form and Quote email template.

You can change the look and feel of your quote pop up form or quote email template with ease. Quotilio - Quote Manager has already a build-in customizable option for Quote Form and Quote Email.

Get current status instantly after the quote sent.

Whenever a quote sent to a customer, An instant status report of the quote is available in the Dashboard of the app. As an example, if the customer opened to Quote Mail or if he visited the checkout page or If the Quote has been converted to Order. Every status of the quote will be available in the App Dashboard.

Get notified on Quote Request.

A notification will be sent to admin whenever a new quote requested at the storefront. Although this can be changed from the App Settings.

Custom templates on request

Need a custom template for your store? Don't worry. We can also develop it for yours.

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  • Unlimited quote processing per month.
  • Send quote email with standard/custom email template.
  • Request Quote Button supported.



  • PRO plan plus.
  • Get notified of new quote requests.
  • File upload on Request Quote form(Max 500kb/File).
  • Maximum 5 file types supported.



  • PLUS plan plus.
  • File upload on Request Quote form(Max 1500kb/File).
  • Maximum 20 file types supported.
  • Priority during any requested feature.

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Tradie Secret

Quotilio was exactly what I needed for my store. Installation was easy and support answered my query super fast.

Young Tech Solutions Shop

i have contacted support no help with my issue i kept getting a issue with the quote form that it send 4 times

Simplified Computers

App does what we want it to do, but more importantly support has been phenomenal. They even have a bar graph showing what new features they are working on and how far along they are. Would very much recommend.