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Photocrafts Limited

good idea but very poor implementation.

for some reason it wants me to include the keyword IN MY SHOPPING CART and other places where there is no need to put a keyword that sits totally out of place just for the sake of adding it for instance in my company name

i mean for goodness sake a shopping cart is a shopping cart, not a keyword search and my company name is my company name

it also picks up my company name everywhere and adds it to everything. tells me my company name is too short and to increase it

it tells me my company name doesn't contain the word jewellery (a keyword) no it doesn't nor should it

so when you look at your dashboard it tells you a very low score for SEO But when you consider the rubbish that they are generating and counting as a thing that needs to change it gives no indication at all how good or bad your site actually is as their score is meaningless

i said a good idea but a very long way to go before its useful let alone worth paying for.

as a freebie, i would maybe live with it but not as a payment, $5 down the drain but it will be their only payment

not impressed