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Design your own merch or choose from 1000s of existing product

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Casemiro Arts

There is still lot to do, indeed pricing might be better, but products seem to be fine, no customer complaints so far :) uploader needs lot of work but the version now available works not bad, still could be better. We are over-all happy with customer service and all other things. Just be sure to tell people that time frames - then there will be no complaints! (thats TIP for sellers ;)

Keep up the good job RageOn! :)

4 Paws Buddha

UPDATE 12/13/16:
Never in a million years did I expect to get a customer service call from the CEO of the company after updating my review (below) yesterday. Mike was EXTREMELY professional with me over the phone, showed GENUINE concern for the issues I experienced and acknowledged that the products I described as having design flaws were not supposed to have those flaws. He described them as an anomaly and sent me pictures of what the quality of the design should look like based on products that he himself has ordered and owned. It was very helpful for me to see those pics and realize that my case was an exception to the rule. Indeed, the product pics he sent me showed crystal clear designs, correct alignment of the design, etc.

So in order to rectify the issue, MIke immediately sent out emails to his design team, as well as to the manufacturer of the products I received, in order to have new ones made and sent out to me. I feel very hopeful that the newly shipped items will arrive without the flaws I encountered, and once they do, I will update this review again. Come on RageOn! I want this to be a 5 star review! :-))

In the meantime, my faith in RageOn has been restored due to the "above and beyond" kind of support I've just received, and as I said to Mike, "everyone makes mistakes; it's what you do about them that sticks." I am extremely impressed by the level of care I've just received - it speaks volumes of the company.

UPDATE 12/12/16: I'm changing my review because I admittedly wrote this before I started using RageOn, which is what I suspect most of the other reviewers did. I was so excited and impressed with the quantity of product offerings, and truly excited that this company offered products that I'd never seen anywhere else (i.e. converse-style shoes, all-over socks, etc.)

BUT, I have now been asked for three refunds for products ordered through RageOn due to poor quality, and because my design was not printed to look like the mockup of the design that I had created through their site. In other words, the complaint from customers has been "product does not appear as it does online." I ordered a handful of things myself in order to see what people were complaining about, and I agree with the customers 100%.

I have unfortunately pulled all of my RageOn products from my store until further notice.