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rais - retention & acquisition made easy

rais - retention & acquisition made easy

Developed by rais - predictive CRM

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  • Save time and grow, by automating retention and acquisition marketing campaigns
  • Automate email campaigns to specific customer segments at different points in their lifecycle
  • Make better decisions using simple customer performance dashboards

rais: the easy way to retain and acquire customers

Who is rais for?

Busy online retailers (and their agencies) who want to grow revenues faster and easier by converting more customers across marketing channels

How does rais do this?

Through our predictively intelligent CRM software and "do-it-together" service, which delivers a guaranteed return time after time.

This is not a classic Software-as-a-Service app that you just plug and play. It's much more than that. We will interact with you a little bit, so you can get maximum value from your data and campaigns. That's why we have both software and a do-it-together service. Just ask any of our clients, and they'll tell you the value comes from the product and the service combined.

Why is this important?

Competition in online retail is getting fiercer. It's cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one, but it's also getting harder to retain customers too. rais helps you develop a stronger relationship with your customers.

So what kind of things does rais do in detail?

  • rais pulls all your customer data together into a single customer database automatically. This is called a Single Customer View. If customers check out as guests, or with an account, or change their details, rais tracks all that to ensure you have a single, accurate, history of that customer. We link this database with your email system so you can market to all customers who've bought or subscribed.
  • rais automatically segments your customer database into lifecycle segments and sends this data to your email system. This enables highly relevant automated and one-off campaigns to be set up to convert new customers and grow value from your existing customers. The difference with rais is the ease, flexibility and precision at which you can execute these campaigns in your email system, Facebook or Twitter.
  • rais gives you intelligence about your customers, both within a customer performance dashboard and on an individual level, so you can respond to inbound customer requests knowing who the customer is, their history and importance to you. That way you can use that request as an opportunity to further engage and sell to them.
  • rais allows you to segment your customer base any way you like. If you need to clear some stock, target customers in a specific location, market to high value customers or cross-sell an item, rais helps you create the right segment of customers and market to them immediately through email, direct mail or even facebook.
  • How you access rais and get started...

  • After installing our app, we will email you to begin the data integration process, which usually lasts about a day or so. We will also need you to provide us with an API key for MailChimp which is really easy to get. We have a video that shows you how.

  • Once we have completed integration, we provide you with credentials for your new rais account. You access rais in your browser in the same way you access Shopify or your email service provider.

  • We provide you with personal support to get you started. If you want help to set up automated email campaigns for you, no problem! For a small additional one-off fee, we can set you up with up to 10 automated campaigns tailored to your business. We provide you with ideas, based on our analysis of your business and our experience and you sign them off. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you!

  • On an ongoing basis our team are ready to help you get the most from rais and your communication channels like email and facebook. We've helped our clients execute many campaigns before which have driven a significant increase in conversion rates. Just see the case studies on our site to find out more!
  • It's our mission to simplify and automate the process of converting more customers for our clients (by enriching and operationalising their customer data)and to command industry leading client satisfaction and retention rates.

    We look forward to helping your business grow!


    Prices start at £50 a month and are based on volume of annual orders.

    45 days

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