Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads


Dynamic Product Ads for Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping

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Acquire new customers

Make your products visible to potential buyers who showed interest in products like yours.

Retarget your shop visitors

Retarget your shop visitors by showing them products that they viewed or added to cart without purchasing them.

Easy-to-use platform

Create ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping from a very intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

有關 Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping

Dynamic Product Ads automatically deliver relevant products to people based on their interests, intent and actions. On Raive app, you can easily create dynamic product ads using your entire catalog or only specific collections of products. Raive syncs automatically with your Shopify catalog so that your ads are always optimized based on your product data (price, category, description…) and displayed to the most relevant people.

Optimized audiences based on your shop

Raive app creates relevant audiences for your online shop : acquisition audiences to bring new visitors to your shop (interest-based audiences, lookalike audiences, etc.), and retargeting audiences to better convert visitors who showed interest in your products but left your shop without purchasing them and without giving you any contact details. Based on your shop history and activity, Raive creates and activates the most relevant audiences for your shop at the right moment.

An app dedicated to e-commerce ads

With Raive app, you can create and run ads that are 100% relevant for e-commerce businesses. You can track your ads performance in real time, with key metrics that are relevant for your shop (visits, add-to-cart, sales…).

Google Shopping made easier and simple

Raive makes it easy and automates all steps that are required when promoting your products on Google Shopping : sending your catalog to Google, keeping track of product errors, creating the ads, updating your products on a monthly basis, etc. Save a lot of time when setting up your ads on Google Shopping.

A support team to help you

Raive helps small and medium e-commerce businesses to run marketing ads in a more efficient and simple way. You can count on our support team whenever you need.


  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Google Shopping





  • Free to install to discover the app
  • Get your first 25 products approved by Facebook and Google

每月 $15

  • 1 Facebook & Instagram Campaign
  • 1 Google Shopping campaign
  • Real-time products sync
  • Ads performance dashboard
  • Support

每月 $30

  • Unlimited Facebook & Instagram campaigns
  • 1 Google Shopping campaign
  • Real-time products sync
  • Ads performance dashboard
  • Support

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5.0 5 顆星

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Ma Culotte Live

Un outil efficace et performant avec une équipe de qualité toujours disponible pour partager son expertise, je recommande !

ODB Senteurs

Une application très efficace ! Je remercie surtout le suivi par mail de la part de Caroline qui surveille de très prêt nos résultats et a su nous être de très bon conseil pour toujours optimiser les résultats ! Je recommande totalement !!!

Ciment Paris

Application au top et facile d'utilisation. Toute l'équipe est réactive et agréable. Raive nous a bien aidés sur l'acquisition et notamment en conseil sur l'amélioration général de notre site ecommerce.