Rakuten Integration

Rakuten Integration

by CedCommerce

List, Sync, Manage & Automate to boost sales on Rakuten

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3 reviews

Pellatt Cornucopia

Great work from the staff to help and support me in the whole process from setup to launch. I am new to Rakuten and don't know anything about it. I connect with team , they assist from the beginning. From product IMPORTING to UPLOADING and get FIRST SELL Team help me a lot.

Team is very professional, they are always ready to hear you whetever you suggest they discuss internally and if possible for them they implement it.

CedCommerce team is improving their system day by day. You can manage your product listing through the app by profiling.

Also you can prevent overselling of products with the help of "threshold inventory". I don't want to sync my orders to Shopify store, through app I can manage this.

In the same way I can customize my syncing for inventory , price and other things. Really helpful

Thank you team !! Good luck

OTC Shoppe Express

This app had many bugs but I have contacted support and found support.

1st Bug: When orders are imported, the values are wrong. I found that if an item is being sold for $10 and the customer purchase 3 of it, the app will import the order as $10 divided by 3 which will show up as $3.33 each for each item. The total cost of the three items will only be $9.99 total, whereas it should have been $30 total. This does screw up the statistic on Shopify.

(UPDATE: Orders are importing correctly. Values are correct now.)

2nd Bug: When orders are shipped, it does not update on Rakuten. It has been over a day and it has yet updated to Rakuten. Good thing it is a weekend and we have until Monday to ship it before getting dinged.

(UPDATE: The team has confirmed that it is fixed and that orders are syncing so that each time an order is marked as shipped, it will sync up to Rakuten. The team also went above and beyond and added another feature to the orders page. They added the Sync All Shipped Orders button so that it will help push the orders if it does not automatically do so. Once more orders come in and I am able to test those, I will update more)

3rd Bug: When setting up profiles, the "Everything Else" does not work. After going through all the steps, you go to click "Save", and then it takes you to a page that says "Something Went Wrong".

(UPDATE: Works now. It doesn't take you to the error page and it actually saves now)


Now let's talk about the features it could have.

1st Feature Suggestion: Allow sellers to be able to toggle on/off for Free Shipping. When you upload your products the first time, it will automatically set your products as FREE SHIPPING, even if you have shipping setup. This really screws up everything, especially since I was not aware that everything would be automatically set as FREE SHIPPING. When the first sale came in, that is when I found out. So, until, CedCommerce allow us to make this change on our own or notify us, BEWARE of this issue before you upload your products.

2nd Feature Suggestion: Put information icons around the backend for harder to understand features. For example, the Order Management setting. All you see is the heading "Order Management" and then a checkbox with "Manage order from app". There is no information on what this feature does. So naturally, I checked the box. But still do not know what it does. If it is so that I can manage my orders via the app, well, for those who are wondering, I am not able to do anything. I can't click the order number and see what the order information (customer name, amount purchased for, etc).

UPDATE: The FAQs are much better now with step-by-step PDFs. Follow those and you will be able to navigate around.


Overall, the backend dashboard that comes with this app works. It is setup in a way that is easy to understand. It just lacks information and directions. Every time you need something done, you have to either ask via chat or figure it out. The team is dedicated to getting this app right and that is appreciated.

Once I find more bugs, I will definitely update. Once those bugs are fixed, ratings will change and I will also update.


I am happy to have a cost effective app which reduces work integrating with Rakuten. Saves so much time. Great customer service, Neha was very responsive and easily arranged for me to work with their team to get integration done quickly, so I can sell easily.

Developer reply

August 17, 2019

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are always here to assist you.