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ATLAS Throttle Lock

[Update Below: They lost over $10,000 of my inventory so far]
I can't stress enough, do not work with RSL. They have been a nightmare since day one. We've been working with them for just over a year now.

-Last week they shipped out 28 duplicate orders, costing me over $4,000 and making our company look like idiots. You don't want them representing you.
-I visited their Las Vegas warehouse and it was a complete mess. Workers were literally throwing packages into bins over 10' away, like it was a game. The bin could have been right next to them if they moved it.
-They constantly loose inventory in their warehouse. I once found around $1,500 of lost inventory.
-They were overcharging me for storage until I physically visited the warehouse and called them out on it. The general manager blamed it on his "fat fingers" and adjusted the charges.

Avoid at all costs. I'm already looking for a new fulfillment company.

[Update with Good and more Bad news]
Rakuten had another glitch just a couple weeks after this 28 duplicate order glitch. This time the glitch tried to ship out 10 DHL Express international orders. Thankfully we caught it on time and are using Manual Fulfillment with them. What a nightmare.

Rakuten did reach out to me and after a lot of emails, ended up crediting me $3,500 towards my account to cover the price of the lost inventory, shipment, handling, etc. The right thing to do was to give me my money back instead of locking me into having to use their "good faith credit", but overall I'm glad they did something.

SINCE THIS HAS HAPPENED, they have performed an annual inventory count. They realized that they had lost $7,000 worth of our inventory over the past year!!!! As of now, they have lost/stole/misplaced/incorrectly shipped over $10,000 worth of my inventory. As other business owners know, losing inventory and the cashflow from that inventory, really cripples a company's growth. It's been extremely frustrating working with RSL, to say the least. They have sucked up so much of our time just dealing with their internal problems.


The app works fine, but the fulfillment service was a disaster. In their defense, we only used the Reno warehouse and they were fine for the first two years. the last year was a total nightmare. We were constantly overbilled, billed for services not provided, shipments were sent to the wrong customers, and RSL wasn't very helpful in fixing any of these issues. I wouldn't recommend their services to anyone.


We signed a 12 month agreement with Rakuten in October 2015 and it has been a nightmarish experience.

It all seemed like it would go well. It's a large company, with great systems, plenty of people to handle support and customer service, capabilities that far exceed our needs and great pricing. I have two colleagues who are having a great experience with them.

Yet for the second time, in such a short time, our business is being crippled because of Rakuten's failure to do two simple things:

1- receive items into inventory
2- ship orders

We have, for the second time, inventory sitting at the Atlanta (Lithia Springs) warehouse for over 30 days without being received into inventory. No explanation and no movement.

We have orders that just aren't shipping despite our contract and their service level agreements.

We were even required to immediately pay a per-order surcharge, of $2.75, that wasn't in our agreement and was brought up to us 2 days before we were required to pay it, and told that once we paid it shipping would resume.

Well, we did, and it packages still aren't shipping.

Think about that. A company, for the second time, has inventory in its warehouse for over 30 days that they are not receiving and shipping the orders that need it. This company comes to you and says, we need to charge you more to ship these orders out (which was understandable as these were fragile items), as well as the items we have already shipped, so now we'll STOP SHIPPING everything until you pay it but once you pay it, we will resume shipping.

But they don't resume shipping.

In addition, those items we are paying extra to ship, they are packed sloppily, we have over 15 damaged-in-transit packages (thus dar) that they refuse to file claims for, despite the order surcharge we have paid.

This could cripple our business.

Think about that customer service nightmare, we don't have enough staff to handle the onslaught of phone calls and emails.

What is their response: "we'll send this to our operations team and get back to you."

As I said, I have two colleagues who are having a good experience, but it's up to you whether or not you roll the dice on this company and run the risk of crippling your business because a company that specializes in warehousing inventory and shipping packages won't warehouse your inventory and ship your packages, despite paying on time and meeting their last minute ransom demands.

At this point, I'm not sure how our business gets out of the mess that we're in because of Rakuten Super Logistics. I have been operating ecommerce stores for well over 15 years so this isn't my first experience with a fulfillment center, but never have I experienced a level of service so incredibly egregious with absolutely no explanation and no remedy/compensation for their complete failure to handle any aspect of our warehousing/fulfillment within any reasonable level of service.

You can roll the dice that maybe you'll get good service with RSL, or you can find another company that can actually resolve issues and take responsibility, instead of tossing them around from department to department, with warehouse workers that will actually do their jobs.

55tech Motors

all the negative review from the review below are true, what happen was worth for us, we have over $1000 of item missing ( mostly likely to be stolen) the first time they just quietly remove the quantity to 0, but we know we had at least 8 or 10 left. they did reimburse the cost of the missing parts. when we decided to move out of this warehouse, we found more products missing, this time over $1000 dollars, we asked them to reimburse the missing items, they have stopped respond. they also told us that they found few more items left in the warehouse ( after we shipped everything to new warehouse) and told us that they will send it to us free of charge, but DID NOT, sent multiple emails, no respond. they just do not care anymore, I have no idea why Rakuten would buy this company, this is the only reason I trust this company because Rakuten was buying it.

There are NO BARCODE SCANNER at the Nevada warehouse, they told us that they have triple check before they send your product out, it was visual check, they have send out the wrong itme ( same item with similar barcode /sku) at least 10 times, we put barcode on every single product for nothing, they do not scan it. Most of the time, they do cover the shipping charge on replacement parts.

= we sell headlights, if they had barcode scanner, they would know its a SET in the box, but since they do not check barcodes, they open the box and shipped ONE side of the headlight to my customer, when I inform them about the mistake, they quickly send the other side of the headlight to some other customer, who did not even buy the headlights, really messed up this order.=

too many wrong item shipped.

OVER CHARGE ON SHIPPING, happened many times, most of the time its charges double of the original shipping fee but the last few items we ship, they charged us 10 times over the original price, sent multiple email, no respond.

email respond is very fast, but not always solving the problem or answer the question. they do need to check with warehouse manager and it takes days to get updated.

when you sign up, you sign a one year contract and they require 2 month advance if you want to close your account. we didnt read the fine print about the 1 year contract and our contract was almost up when we request to close our account, had to pay $600 for closing account a month earlier. ( read the fine print!)

when there are problems ( quite often) they will try to solve it for you, but when you are closing your account, they stop caring, they dont even care if you get all your products shipped back to you, we sell Mercedes parts, and the parts missing/or maybe stolen was all Authentic Mercedes logo, the other low price parts never get missing.

I would never recommend this RSL to anyone.