Smart search bar & filters

Smart search bar & filters

od Rapid Search

AI search, product search filter, smart search bar

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Smart search bar

Insert a beautiful & smart search bar to any Shopify theme. 100% mobile-friendly, search in pages and blog posts.

AI search & search filters

AI-powered search, instant suggestion, typo tolerance, product search filter with a search result page to enhance your built-in search bar.

Boost your conversion rate

Grow conversions with smart product search, merchandising, search analytics, custom search bar, filters on result page & more!

Podrobnosti o Smart search bar & filters

We enhance your store's built-in search bar with these enterprise search features (or add them to your store if your theme doesn't have a search box):

  • Zero character suggestions: Your visitors click the search bar and have no idea what to type. That’s why we show them a drop-down list with instant search results for the most popular products, collections, and search terms.
  • Autocomplete search suggestions (predictive search): Your visitors are impatient, so we help them type less and find products & collections faster. It’s a must-have feature on mobile devices.
  • Synonyms recognition: You don’t want to lose a sale just because visitors are looking for a “sofa,” and your products are listed as “couch”.
  • Spelling recognition: Half of your visitors type “iphonex”, but we recognize that your product is listed as “iphone X”.
  • Misspelled words recognition: We know that the search term “ihpone” means “iPhone”.
  • Full-screen product search experience on mobile devices: Visitors don't have the patience to click little buttons designed for desktop usage. They need a search bar made for mobile devices.
  • Deep-data smart search engine: It searches in product name, type, description, collection, vendor, tags, barcode, and SKU search.
  • Embeddable search bar: Use ours if your theme doesn't provide it.
  • Sticky search button / floating search icon
  • Search overlay
  • Multilingual search bar
  • Search in blog post, search in page
  • Dynamic Re-Ranking: 5 product sorting options
  • Result page & search filters
  • In-stock, Low-stock, Out-of-stock badges

Why choose us?

  • ROI guarantee: Our paid plans pay themselves 3 times. If not, we won’t charge you.
  • "SETUP & FORGET" app: This means it doesn't require your personal assistance.
  • Versatility: thousands of stores use us across a wide-range of industries—from clothing to machine tools and nutritional supplements. So it will work for your industry, too!
  • Industry-leading free plan: Competitors' free plans are just toys for beginners. Ours makes you $$$ without product limitations.

Your marketer's concerns, answered:

  • Ultralight, so your site won’t be slowed down: We keep your store fast because our script is only 27 kbyte and it loads after your pages do.
  • Our smart search bar perfectly matches your design: It’ll look like a natural part of your store, since it’s compatible with more and more themes. We don't touch your liquid files at all, and it’s 100% mobile-friendly.

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  • 1,500 monthly searches
  • 10,000 products
  • Email support
  • Instant search
  • Search results page
  • Product labels
  • Custom search bar



  • 10,000 monthly searches
  • 100,000 products
  • Email & chat support
  • Unbranded
  • All features from the Free plan
  • Filters on search
  • Product hiding



  • 40,000 monthly searches
  • 100,000 products
  • Email & chat support
  • Unbranded
  • All features from the Starter plan
  • Merchandising



  • 100,000 monthly searches
  • 100,000 products
  • Email & chat support
  • Unbranded
  • Priority support
  • All features from the Advanced plan

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For every question I have about customization, the app has that feature! I have integrated apps that hide prices for customers not logged inn, and the app lets me hide prices so it works perfectly with all my other apps.


Awesome product so far hopes it's helpful to you too. Really helps your customers to find stuff and helps you with your data.

The Cave Collectables

This app is wonderful. The staff are a pleasure to work with. Woyong Egbara Is great at helping and got everything I wanted done. He was able to place my search bar in the exact spot I wanted it. This was not easy since I wanted it in the header between the menu and the checkout icon. I also have a free shipping bar at the top of my page. He was even able to make it so the search bar stayed with the top of the page while people scroll. Keep search available at all time. Couldn’t have asked for more. The app itself works great and is easy to set up as far as the search filters. Looks great. Five stars! 10/10 I’d recommend always!!!
Thank you.