RAPP ‑ Retention & Churn App

RAPP ‑ Retention & Churn App

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Analyze users growth, retention, churn and lifetime value.

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Boost subscriber retention

Cohort analysis and retention curves are the most powerful way to understand how your subscriptions evolve over time.

Grow your business

User retention, AOV and LTV are the fundamental elements to scale your marketing campaigns and grow your e-commerce business.

Powerful data insights

Put data analysis at the core of your business. Make data-driven decisions and scale your campaigns.

Om RAPP ‑ Retention & Churn App

Note: RAPP is an analytics tool for e-commerce businesses. Some of the features are intended for subscription-based shops and work only with stores using "Subscriptions by ReCharge" app.

How does RAPP work?

RAPP analyzes millions of data points and gives you easy-to-understand graphs and tables to compare products, subscription periods and analyze users retention.

What is RAPP:

Find all important subscription related metrics on one place:

  • Users Churn Rate
  • Users Retention Rates and Graphs
  • Product and User Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Average order Value (AOV)
  • New Users Count
  • Month over month Users Growth

Why do I need RAPP?

The most important metrics to achieve sustainable, profitable and scalable growth are customer lifetime value (LTV), churn rate and retention rate. Yet those metrics are one of the hardest to analyze the e-commerce store.

RAPP offers the most precise, clean and correct way to analyze those metrics and understand your product ecosystem.

Identify opportunities for customer acquisition cost decrease, revenue increase and retention improvement.

What can I do with RAPP?

Using RAPP you can:

  • Compare product AOV, LTV, Churn and Retention
  • Identify top products
  • Understand your weekly and monthly churn rates
  • Calculate correctly cost per acquisition (CPA) and customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Distinct recurring revenue and first-purchase revenue
  • Calculate conversion rate correctly on a subscription-based store
  • Get a detailed picture of which products are most profitable and which are hurting your bottom line
  • Maximize the value of your product with advanced data analytics designed specifically for online retailers
  • Quickly act on opportunities to allocate more ad spend to high-value products
  • Get a clearer picture of how to improve performance and increase gross profit
  • Discover which products and product variants generate the highest customer lifetime value and have the lowest customer acquisition cost
  • Receive and act on valuable insights regarding customer purchase behavior, lifetime value, and more
  • Optimize marketing spend for profitability with advanced customer analytics at multiple levels of granularity

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Great app with some thoughtful features and insights. The team is very responsive as well. Very excited to see how this app progresses.

BariatricPal Store

Very impressive data about user retention and churn. If your site offers subscriptions this app is a must install!

Club Loofah

Really helps me get a more comprehensive picture of how my subscription based store is performing. Was easy to install and the customer service and communication was fantastic.