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Smart Email Marketing

Smart Email Marketing

Developed by RareLogic Inc.

121 reviews
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  • Dramatically increase your email marketing conversion rates with smart product recommendations and delivery
  • Send Bulk campaigns, automated Welcome, Cart Recovery, Abandoned Cart emails, Product Recommendations and more!
  • Generate an average of $0.18 for every email sent with Rare.io

Personalized... with Science.

If you sell online, you're sitting on a goldmine of customer data. Rare unlocks that data and puts it to work by analyzing your sales and marketing metrics and using it to help you sell more.

Our smart data-driven prediction engine takes all the work out of sending personalized emails to each of your customers. We determine which customers are most likely to buy, what products they want, and send them that offer at the time they're most likely to buy it. No wonder personalized emails receive six times higher engagement than the usual spray-and-pray approach.

We give you the keys to your VIPs.

We use your data to make sure you know who your most valuable customers are, and who's ripe to become your next best customer. Reward your top spenders, or encourage a customer that's gone cold - all automatically, and all when the timing is right.

Professionally designed email templates keep you looking fresh.

Whether it's built with bricks or bytes, your storefront needs to look great. Our gallery of email templates created by professional designers, and built to look great on desktop or mobile, makes it easy. Start with a standard template and customize it for your shop, or if you'd prefer, we'll help you import your existing template.

Who is it for?

Rare helps all kinds of shops improve their email marketing and make more sales.

Small Online Stores. As long as you're promoting products by email, Rare can help you improve it. Give your customer base the personal touch without spending any more of your precious time sending emails.

Hybrid Online and Retail Businesses. If you have a shared POS and ecommerce solution, we can leverage your in-person sales to power online predictions.

Large Ecommerce sites. This is where Rare really shines. The more data you have, the better the predictions and personalizations.

Going the extra mile!

Our support team and ecommerce Email Marketing Experts are here to help your store grow!

We're quickest to respond Monday-Friday, from 9am-5pm EST.

Get started today.

Connect your store in just a few clicks, and we'll help you make more money in no time.

Smart Email Marketing reviews

121 reviews
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Moving our email marketing services to Rare has been a huge upgrade thus far.

As a graphic designer, the email design tool is very customizable without requiring the user to implement any coding knowledge. It works responsively which is a huge must when your customer base has 45%+ opens on mobile devices. Additionally the preview is accurate to testing results, so it requires little setup changes after creating an initial template. Everything I need to create beautiful emails is there to utilize and play with and the improvements keep coming.

After only a short time, it's clear there's a huge benefit to the many features in this service and it surpasses a lot of bigger names out there. The staff is very attentive and works diligently to address our unique goals in terms of product recommendations and segmentation. Super helpful and awesome people!


Fantastic product, with exceptional customer service. I run an e-commerce store, Trendy Treat www.trendytreat.com and have found it challenging to find an e-mail product that did everything I needed.
Rare is really great. The customer support and on-boarding is fantastic. Jess was incredibly helpful.


Ok, so I have to tell everybody out there on Shopify, that this is a MUST HAVE APP and quite frankly, something that I wish I had invested the proper time into when it launched. As I am sure is the case for most Store Owners that are understaffed, analyzing Data or even the thought of analyzing data, is something that is on the back burner as you are more focused on generating new sales.

But this APP makes that process MUCH easier, and they are killing it at segmentation and at level of integration with Shopify. This APP will dominate in being able to provide customers with real data that they can leverage to make real decisions. They provide you with a way to resell to people with real data to re-engage them.

Their Customer Service from Rob to Seth to Jess, who is my day-to-day. has been GREAT. I can honestly say that this is one of the TOP 5 APPS that everyone needs to invest some time into getting comfortable with sooner vs. later in order to set yourself up for "automated success" as I like to call it, where the system that you have implemented makes you money on it's own!

Stay Healthy,

Ray Doustdar
BUICED Liquid Multivitamin


Great customer service, very helpful in reaching out to customers


This really is a must-have app if your store is on Shopify.

rare.io has allowed us to create automated, follow-up email campaigns that are scheduled and sent to our customers post-purchase.

We setup our first campaign within a few minutes, and were pleasantly surprised to see 3 sales within a few moments of sending our first campaign.

The app also includes a dashboard that presents our store data in a unique and insightful way.

- BootCuffSocks.com


rare.io is simply perfect. To start off as soon as I signed up I noticed that not all the data was available. I didn't even contact them, their customer rep Jessica contacted me to make sure I was up and running, so I told her about the problem I was facing and they fixed it in no time.

The data this service provides is unparalleled, you get to see exactly how your customers behave like and market to them accordingly.

Fantastic product with an amazing service.


rare.io gives us a blend of reporting and email marketing that simply does not exist anywhere else on the market. From customer lifetime value, to orders per customer, to a detailed breakdown of purchase behaviour per monthly cohort, rare.io is my one stop sales dashboard.

On the email marketing and retention side, rare.io works like a dream. In the time it’ll take me to write this review, I could have setup an automated email campaign to reach out to a targeted customer segment at key points along their lifecycle. Without rare.io, we’d be leaving this money on the table.

Bottom line, we love rare.io and we don’t dare turn it off!


rare.io provides insightful analytics and a powerful email engine for product recommendations. The dashboard is impossibly quick and the ease of finding your customer's value is amazing. This is a must-have app for any serious shop owner, highly recommended.


The dashboard looks fantastic! Although we are a small shop the insights we are gaining about our customers are amazing and the personalized emails look really interesting to us. As a plus, their support staff are great and really responsive!


The data that Rare uncovered for our shop was invaluable. It helped us reconnect with customers who'd bought previously and tell them about our new merch - which boosted sales this week by over 84%. I seriously can't thank the Rare.io team enough for this free app. Definitely worth checking out, in fact, detrimental if you don't!

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