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Smart Email Marketing

Smart Email Marketing

Developed by RareLogic Inc.

121 reviews
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  • Dramatically increase your email marketing conversion rates with smart product recommendations and delivery
  • Send Bulk campaigns, automated Welcome, Cart Recovery, Abandoned Cart emails, Product Recommendations and more!
  • Generate an average of $0.18 for every email sent with Rare.io

Personalized... with Science.

If you sell online, you're sitting on a goldmine of customer data. Rare unlocks that data and puts it to work by analyzing your sales and marketing metrics and using it to help you sell more.

Our smart data-driven prediction engine takes all the work out of sending personalized emails to each of your customers. We determine which customers are most likely to buy, what products they want, and send them that offer at the time they're most likely to buy it. No wonder personalized emails receive six times higher engagement than the usual spray-and-pray approach.

We give you the keys to your VIPs.

We use your data to make sure you know who your most valuable customers are, and who's ripe to become your next best customer. Reward your top spenders, or encourage a customer that's gone cold - all automatically, and all when the timing is right.

Professionally designed email templates keep you looking fresh.

Whether it's built with bricks or bytes, your storefront needs to look great. Our gallery of email templates created by professional designers, and built to look great on desktop or mobile, makes it easy. Start with a standard template and customize it for your shop, or if you'd prefer, we'll help you import your existing template.

Who is it for?

Rare helps all kinds of shops improve their email marketing and make more sales.

Small Online Stores. As long as you're promoting products by email, Rare can help you improve it. Give your customer base the personal touch without spending any more of your precious time sending emails.

Hybrid Online and Retail Businesses. If you have a shared POS and ecommerce solution, we can leverage your in-person sales to power online predictions.

Large Ecommerce sites. This is where Rare really shines. The more data you have, the better the predictions and personalizations.

Going the extra mile!

Our support team and ecommerce Email Marketing Experts are here to help your store grow!

We're quickest to respond Monday-Friday, from 9am-5pm EST.

Get started today.

Connect your store in just a few clicks, and we'll help you make more money in no time.

Smart Email Marketing reviews

121 reviews
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Rare.io is an absolutely fantastic service. The GUI for designing the e-mail campaigns is reason alone enough to switch, but combined with the segmenting and filtering for mailouts, plus optimized delivery time for each recipient, rare.io proves a serious threat to the standard newsletter incumbents.


Favorite app! Excellent support. Highly recommend


I have been a marketer for a number of years and I have used every Email marketing Autoresponder there is - Rare.io is beyond anything I have ever encountered or could ever imagine, this kind of cutting edge email marketing should be illegal!

Hands down probably my favourite Shopify app!


Great app and easy to use. The support is also great, they even helped me build my first template....


I had installed and uninstalled Rare previously on 2 occasions and never did anything with it. I figured I had all I needed with MailChimp, but after several months, I realized my one size fits all emails weren't as productive as they needed to be. When MailChimp doubled my monthly bill without offering additional value, I knew I had to do things differently. Jess has been wonderful getting things transferred over for me, and I'm pretty sure she went above and beyond when she took my MailChimp emails and created templates for me in Rare. She made switching over seamless. The back-end reports are amazing, and the unsubscribes are insignificant compared to what I experienced with one size fits all emails. I thought I had only two options for newsletter sign ups on my Shopify store; MailChimp, since Shopify specifically names it, or the built-in one from Shopify. However, putting Rare's URL in does the trick and now I can use Rare directly for all of my sign ups and email marketing. I couldn't be happier! A BIG THANK YOU TO JESS for not giving up on me and for being so helpful!


We just switched over to rare a short while ago, and I could not be more stoked with the results! It has honestly been one of the most transforming moves for our business. Before we were sending emails in a one size fits all manner, but rare has allowed us to make a custom experience for all of our customers. We are already seeing a major change in our customer's behaviors on our site and can't wait to start seeing more customers reactivated from rare. I could not be happier with the customer service rare has provided us with and any question I had getting setup and making the transfer from our old email software was answered quickly and very nicely. Thank you, Jess! I would recommend rare to any Shopify store owner, whether small or large, it has been a game changer!


I'm very happy with this app. It's much more powerful than solutions like MailChimp. It's fully integrated with your store and allows you to target emails according to a whole bunch of factors. After working with it for a couple of days, I have actually canceled my MailChimp account which was costing be about double per month what this app costs! The only feature I would like to see added is the ability to add a merge field linking to the last ordered products, maybe even with a picture. This would make it a perfect solution for sending review reminder emails as well.


This is an incredible app, I am so happy I discovered this service. From day one we were able to generate additional revenue and capitalize on sales leads we never knew existed.

Not to mention the best customer service I have ever experienced from an online app. A+++++

Highly recommended!


I've been using the Rare.io email marketing app for a couple months now and thus far have been very satisfied with the results. It allows me to easily target certain segments of my customer base based on products, order amount and a variety of other factors. Far more easily then with Mailchimp. The layout tools are easy to understand, and though there is room for improvement there, I trust that the app is under regular development and will go even further. Again it's already easier to layout than in Mailchimp. They seem very open to suggestions on how to develop the app to suit their customer base as well. It's nice to very easily see the direct sales figure that result from emails, which I have found to be consistently higher than my Mailchimp mailouts, and this costs half of what I was paying Mailchimp on a monthly basis. Therefore I've made the switch to Rare from Mailchimp and I'd advise you to try doing the same and see how it works. Recommended.


I've used mailchimp, madmimi and have just switched over to Rare.io and LOVE it! I wish I would have made the switch a long time ago. This is perfect for any business that likes to keep their customers in the loop about products and promotions. If I could give it 10 stars, I would.

I went from sending random newsletters here and there to random customers to now using Rare.io and having a very well thought out schedule for newsletters. It sends out emails X amount of days after a new customer is added without me having to anything aside from designing the initial newsletter. Which is pretty amazing for someone who runs their own business. I am already getting sales from those newsletter (I love that it shows me how much money I have made of the different types of emails!)

Once you get used to designing them it's pretty easy and looks a million times more professional than what my newsletters looked like before.

BEST customer service! Jess is awesome and so quick to help with any little thing that I might have questions about it.

If your not already using Rare.io sign up now!

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