Raven ‑ Custom Delivery Rates

Raven ‑ Custom Delivery Rates


Create real-time delivery rates based on actual travel times

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Know your costs are covered

With Raven you can ensure you are quoting delivery rates accurately. Accounting for all costs, saving you time and money on deliveries.

Multiple modes of transportion

Accurately calculate rates at checkout using various modes of transport using live traffic conditions; car, truck, bike, or on foot.

Fully customize all your rates

Choosing when and if rates are to be applied is made simpler with the ability to manage different rates for different locations.

Raven ‑ Custom Delivery Rates 정보

What is Raven?

Raven provides accurate delivery rates to your customers. Raven allows you to generate rates based on the actual anticipated travel times to your destination.

How does this help you?

With no need to setup rates based on postal codes, easily set up rates that apply to a wider range of locations and situations. As we all know, not all distances are equal, this is why we use actual travel times to help our users have the most accurate rates possible.


  • Delivery rates based on travel time and distance
  • Delivery rates based on product, vender, weight & quantity
  • Volume discounts based on price, weight or quantity
  • Optimize rates from many customizable origins from all of your locations
  • Create exceptions for individual customers and locations
  • Utilize live traffic to calculate real-time and surge pricing
  • Use truck routing accounting for load restrictions with multiple speed profiles


Raven requires that your Shopify plan has access to the Carrier Calculated Shipping API. This can be added for free if you contact Shopify support and have your plan switched to an annual plan, otherwise Shopify will charge $20 per month for this API.

Use Cases

  • In-house deliveries - cover costs of employees time spent on deliveries.
  • Surge delivery pricing based on current traffic conditions.
  • Local delivery - Restaurants, Florists, and other local services
  • Bulk delivery of goods (ie. furniture, landscaping materials) with high cost of delivery or far distance to deliver.
  • Cross-continental trucking setting up rates based on trucking routes and road restrictions.
  • Complex distribution networks which require shipping/delivery rates based on many different origins.

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Basic Plan


$1 per 100 rate requests beyond monthly limit. Maximum of 10,000 additional requests.

  • Travel Time & Distance Based Delivery Rates
  • Car Routing
  • Rates by Weight, Quantity & Price
  • Bulk Discounts
  • 1.5K Monthly Rate Requests

Pro Plan


$1 per 100 rate requests beyond monthly limit. Maximum of 20,000 additional requests.

  • All Basic Plan Features
  • Bike & Pedestrian Routing
  • Custom Origins
  • Round-trip & Traffic Calculations
  • 5K Monthly Rate Requests

Premium Plan


$1 per 100 rate requests beyond monthly limit. Maximum of 50,000 additional requests.

  • All Pro Plan Features
  • Truck Transport Rates & Restrictions
  • 12K Monthly Rate Requests

Enterprise Plan


$1 per 100 rate requests beyond monthly limit. Maximum of 100,000 additional requests.

  • All Premium Plan Features
  • 30K Monthly Rate Requests
  • Priority Support
  • Contact us for more options

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The price calculation works great. Custom rates based on multiple location with multiple inventories. Cam provided amazing support and really made sure the app worked exactly how I needed it to. He even provided extra ideas/solutions to solve problems outside of what I would consider the expected scope. A+++

개발자 회신

2021년 6월 21일

Thanks Jordan! You were a pleasure to work with. Just shoot me a message anytime you think of anything or any new features we can work on!


Makes working with large quantities possible. Very customizable. Great customer service. Five STARS!