Materials Inventory (ERP)

Materials Inventory (ERP)

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Materials & Products Inventory - Makers & Manufacturers - ERP

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Accurate & In Sync

Every time you sell a product, the app knows exactly how much raw materials leave your inventory, and updates your product inventory


Your real inventory of bundles, products and raw materials in real time. Understand costs and profits. Make data-driven decisions

Focus on Making

No more overselling or running out of raw materials or product bundles, it's all about your business!

Over Materials Inventory (ERP)

Materials Inventory ERP removes the hassle of tracking your raw materials and products inventory, of reporting/accounting and of manufacturing planning.

++++ ERP Trusted by 120+ makers and manufacturers! ++++

What does the app do?

  • Link the products you sell on Shopify to your raw materials
  • When Shopify orders are placed, the app automatically updates your products, raw materials & product bundles inventory
  • The app then updates your Shopify inventory so you never oversell!

-> The app works if you make products ahead of orders and if you make them after orders (made-to-order)

Who is the app built for?

  • Makers and Handmade Craft Sellers
  • Manufacturers
  • Restaurants, Bakeries and Food Businesses
  • T-shirt and Clothing Manufacturers
  • Flower Shops, Jewellery and Candle Makers and Box Curators
  • Merchants selling product bundles
  • And many more merchants needing an ERP software!

How do you benefit?

  • Minimize dead stock, reduce waste and avoid down time due to out of stock.

  • Have an accurate, real-time inventory for your products, raw materials and product bundles - All in sync with Shopify orders and products inventory

  • No more overselling, no more working out if you have enough raw materials or product bundles to complete your orders

  • Spend less time manually tracking your inventory, and creating purchase orders

  • Track each raw material inventory history (recount, damage, theft, waste, stock received, loss, return) to reduce track theft and waste

  • Track your raw material in any unit: Count, weight (kg, pounds etc...), volume (litres, cups etc...) or length (centimetres, inches etc...) with decimal values (to the 0.001)

  • Know your products profitability based on materials' costs

  • Custom email alerts on low inventory of Products and Raw Materials

  • Bulk import your raw materials and bill of materials in one click

  • For each month, get a report on raw materials used and COGS (cost of goods sold)

  • Export all your data

  • Email support in English and French

  • Multi-currency support

How to set it up?

  • The app automatically imports your Shopify products

  • Create your raw materials

  • Create your products recipes

  • That's it!



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Try It


  • Unlimited Products
  • 10 Raw Materials
  • 5 Packaging Items
  • 5 Product Bundles
  • 100 orders/month



  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Raw Materials & Packaging Items
  • Unlimited Product Bundles
  • Up to 2,000 orders/month
  • Update of Shopify Inventory



  • All Pro features included
  • + Unlimited Orders
  • + Unlimited Components

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4.8 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

Fleur & Fable

Really great app - easy to set up and clean interface. I love feeling like I'm on top of my inventory (my shop has a mix of ready made products and products that are made to order using raw materials) and this app just makes it so much less stressful. I made a few suggestions to the developer and they immediately implemented it. Amazing! Would highly recommend.

Bubbles & Balms

We use this app to help manage material and product inventory for a growing cosmetics company. Highlight for me is the simplicity of its stock management formula. Bonus is that there's not an overcomplexity to the app, which makes it the most enjoyable experience. Straight forward and gives the information needed. Also, 5 stars for customer service. They were able to add on a feature I needed within 12 hours of contact

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

26 november 2021

Thank you so much for your review! So happy to hear you like the app :)))

tea & turmeric

This is a great app with a very responsive developer. I use this app to help me track the raw materials in our spice and tea shop. With over 100 teas and 100 spices, it would be impossible to track without this kind of app!

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

26 november 2021

Thank you for your review! Glad to hear the app is helpful :)))