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Get True Profit Insights, Profit Calculator Analysis & More

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Automated Profit Sync

Setup & sync your all orders data once and add all costs, expenses, transaction fees to get profit & revenue analysis details at all times.

Quick Real Time Profit Track

Real Profit automatically pulls data and quickly analyses profit margin in real-time based on Orders, COGS, Expenses etc.

Easy Dashboard & Insights

Dashboard is easy to calculating the real profit margin. Get everything and don't need to waste time to track how much money you made.

Su Real Profit

Real Profit is a gross profit calculator that allows you to calculate the net profit and gives you the data you need to quickly calculate your store's profit. Real Profit has an easy dashboard that tracks your store’s profit based on product cost, orders, shipping charges, transaction fees, & expenses.

Calculate Cost, Expenses, and Profit:

  • Track Cost: Add & manage COGS of each product, shipping charge, taxes, ongoing expenses to analyze the report for accounting and profit calcluation.
  • Profits: You can easily track your net profit, net margin, and can see profit breakdown over time.
  • Expenses: Product cost, shipping charge, handling fees, and transaction fees. These variables are included to get calculated profit based on expenses.

Auto setup and easy to get profit metrics:

Setup is very easy, just need to sync once and the Real Profit App pulls all the data to get profit, revenue, expenses, & more.

  • Automatically pulls orders data from the Shopify store.
  • Set COGS using slider Or enter COGS manually,
  • Set transaction fees for each payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe, etc)
  • Manage Handling fees of each product/variant.
  • Manage all costs easier to get calculated profit.

Profit Analytics:

Pulls all data together to get profit analytics. Real Profit App gives you a profit report based on revenue overview, order summary, spend details.

  • Revenu Overview: Revenu, total cost, net profit, & net margin to analyze overall revenue.

  • Order Summary: Total orders, Order value & profit, Shipping charge, Taxes, & Returns.

  • Spend Details: Custom cost, COGS, Transaction fees for each payment gateway, & Handling fees of each product

COGS & Percentage of Sales:

COGS is very easy to set on Real Profit which allows you to calculate COGS using the slider to determine the percentage of the sales price or enter COGS manually. You can add different COGS for one product based on different variations.

Custom Spend & Transaction fees:

You can easily manage and track all expenses and can also set transaction fees for each payment gateway like Paypal, Stripe, Shopify payment & others.

Analyze the most profitable products or collections:

Real Profit allows you to quickly sort products by profitability, revenue, collections, and more. You get all information about the product you are selling.

No More Spreadsheets:

Save your valuable time which you spend on messy spreadsheets tasks. Get all the information, valuable data, and margin insights you need to grow your business.

Receive Report on Email:

You just need to enter an email address to receive reports you require like Daily, Weekly, & Monthly. The Profit Insights will send you the requested report on your email.

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Basic Plan


  • Automatic Profit Calculations
  • Add all Costs & Expenses
  • Profit & Order Report
  • Custom Date Range
  • Data Export
  • Email Report
  • Fast & Simple Setup

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** Le addebiti ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

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