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5. Dezember 2023

Keaton at Rebuy was a massive help with building out our Black Friday gift with purchase offer using Smart Cart. He truly went above and beyond to help us build the experience from the ground up - We had a relatively out of the box setup, but we were able to accomplish a super smooth user experience that our customers loved. Rebuy powered over 24,000 free gifts over our sale period with no hiccups at all!

Transparent Labs
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Fast 3 jahre mit der App
Rebuy hat geantwortet 8. Dezember 2023

Your excitement is contagious! 🎉 Huge kudos to Keaton – sounds like he crushed it in making your Black Friday gift with purchase offer a massive hit using Smart Cart. We're thrilled to hear your customers loved it, and the fact that it went hiccup-free over the sale period is music to our ears. Thanks a bunch for sharing your awesome experience! Here's to more success stories together! 🌟

5. Dezember 2023

We've been using Rebuy for a few years now and it's truly an awesome upsell app for our business - I don't write reviews often but I've seen consistent results for a long enough time (both in performance and in their support) that it's worth sharing my experience. The most obvious widgets where impact/results are most black & white is with the checkout upsells (if you're on Plus) and the post purchase offers. We use the other widgets too but it's hard to know what the customer would have bought without the upsells unless you can run a true a/b test. That said, we know with certainty that Rebuy is helping us improve AOV and generate extra profit over and above their cost - which is the whole point! Over the years, the team has always been very helpful (impressively so compared to many other apps on Shopify) and our Success Manager, Max, in particular has been very helpful and great to work with. Don't sleep on this app, especially if you have skus that pair well together.

Pepper + Vetiver
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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
Rebuy hat geantwortet 8. Dezember 2023

Your review made our day! 🌟 We're thrilled to be your go-to upsell app, and your consistency over the years speaks volumes. It's fantastic to hear that both performance and support have been spot-on for you.

Checkout upsells and post-purchase offers are where the magic happens, right? 🚀 We totally get the importance of A/B testing, but knowing for sure that Rebuy is boosting your AOV and adding extra profit is music to our ears!

Major props for shouting out Max and our team – we're all about making your experience top-notch. Thanks a million for sharing your journey with us!

20. November 2023

The system is very robust, but has also been easy to use and allows for quick and easy implementation of incentives to increase AOV. In particular, I was VERY impressed with their support staff. We had a quick turn around on a unique feature we wanted to implement and their team sprang into action and was incredibly communicative throughout the process. Janet and Isaac in particular went above and beyond (including responding over the weekend) to ensure our promo was live for Black Friday sales. Great team along with the product

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Rebuy hat geantwortet 24. November 2023

We appreciate your kind words about our team and the product. If you ever need more assistance or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to support your success! 😊

5. Dezember 2023

Our account manager Reza has been incredible to work with! He has gone above and beyond to ensure we are utilizing all of the features Rebuy has to offer and even took the time to show me other features I was unaware of! I wish all of the programs we used had account managers like this! It truly makes such a difference! Thank you again Reza! -Antoinette (Founder / CEO: The Ring Boxes + The Belly Bundle)

The Ring Boxes
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Fast 2 jahre mit der App
Rebuy hat geantwortet 8. Dezember 2023

High-five for the love! 🙌 Reza is indeed a rockstar, and we're thrilled to hear he's made a positive impact on your Rebuy experience. Your kind words mean the world to us. Here's to more discoveries and success with Rebuy!

5. Dezember 2023

We live in a world where there are quite literally a bajillion different apps to serve our needs as ecomm business owners. For any problem you have, or any value add you want to provide, there are at least 10 apps for your problem. Having the tech work is the baseline for a successful experience, and ReBuy's tech is great, or at least seems so to a dummy like me. Working with an app or service provider that still understands the singular core principle of a successful partnership - treating your customer's like they matter and with the understanding that they're the reason you have a business - is as rare as a white rhino these days. That's where ReBuy excels. To that point I don't even know if it's their entire company, but we work with a guy named Max as our customer success manager, and this dude just fkn gets it. Max was there every step of the way during on-boarding, but the VIP treatment didn't end there, including during post-implementation, and BFCM, where he was on it continuing to be a resource, responding at any hour just to be sure his clients were ok during the most chaotic month of the year. I'm sure other apps can do what ReBuy does and if I had to guess some could do it cheaper but in today's day and age, having a team behind you, in your own time zone, that speaks your language, and understands your challenges deeply is quite literally priceless. Thank you Rebuy and Thank You Max.

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3 monate mit der App
Rebuy hat geantwortet 8. Dezember 2023

WOW, just WOW! Your words hit us right in the feels. 🌟 We totally get the app jungle out there, and we're thrilled you found your sweet spot with Rebuy. Your shoutout to Max is pure gold. 🏆 We're lucky to have him on our team, and your feedback is a testament to his dedication. Thanks a bajillion for your trust and for recognizing the heart behind our tech. We're here for you, always.

30. November 2023

We love Rebuy, super powerful tool that has helped us increase our UPTs, AOVs and customer LTV. We especially found value in our Merchant Success Manager, Max Trummer. Max goes above and beyond helping us bring our ideas to life, no matter what we throw at him. We especially appreciate that he is available during APAC hours and he's a wizard at writing scripts.

Life Cykel
Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
Rebuy hat geantwortet 8. Dezember 2023

We love to hear Rebuy's been a game-changer for you, boosting UPTs, AOVs, and customer LTV! 🚀 Big shoutout to Max Trummer, your superhero Merchant Success Manager – he's a wizard at bringing ideas to life. Cheers to more wins together!

11. Oktober 2023

I absolutely love REBUY! It has helped me increase revenue so fast. Max Trummer has been great to work with. He personally reached out to me and asked me to schedule a call with him because there were a few things he thought we could do better, and I appreciated his insight and help so much. Big fan of ReBuy!!!

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Rebuy hat geantwortet 13. Oktober 2023

We're over the moon to hear you're loving REBUY and seeing such fast revenue growth! Max Trummer is indeed fantastic, and we're glad to hear he could assist you personally. If you ever need more help or have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. Happy selling! 😊🚀

11. November 2023

Great app with excellent support. Monica has been incredibly helpful in building plans for our Black Friday campaign, always providing us with new ideas and much support. 100% recommended.

Naturecan JP
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Fast 2 jahre mit der App
Rebuy hat geantwortet 13. November 2023

Thanks a bunch for your positive feedback! We're so happy to hear you find Rebuy great, and it's fantastic that Monica has been incredibly helpful in planning your Black Friday campaign. If you ever need more assistance or have questions, feel free to reach out. We're here to support you, and we appreciate the recommendation! 🛍️🌟

22. November 2023

Rebuy has become - for good reason - an essential part of the DTC stack. However, like a lot of software, it's only as good as the support you receive. And that is why we have given it 5 stars. Monica, our Success Manager, was tireless, patient, and knowledgeable. As powerful a tool that Rebuy is, we probably would have given up on it if not for her.

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12 monate mit der App
Rebuy hat geantwortet 24. November 2023

We're honored to be an essential part of your DTC stack! Your 5-star rating means a lot, and we're thrilled to hear that Monica was able to support you. We're here to ensure Rebuy continues to meet your needs. If you ever need more assistance or have questions, don't hesitate to reach out. We appreciate your trust and support! 😊

29. November 2023

Support is awesome and they help to get lots of custom things done. Very impressed!

Tortilla Familia
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Rebuy hat geantwortet 1. Dezember 2023

Thrilled to hear you're impressed with our support team! 🌟 We're all about making things awesome for you. If there's anything else you need, just give us a shout – we're here for you!