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Redigert 18. desember 2022

I'm rewriting my review for this app, having now used for around 3 months or so.
There is huge potential within ReBuy, with a very pro looking smart cart with a load of bells & whistles.
Unfortunately, the app has consumed a huge amount of my time in trying to work through seemingly endless bugs with implementation, the widgets, the rulesets etc with the customer support team. They are knowledgeable and polite, but it can take days to work through an issue, with their weekends, public holidays and time zone differences taken into account.
Nothing has implemented smoothly and has all required additional coding to get things working.
A number of the 'killer' features are only available for Shopify Plus subscribers, and there is no reflection in the pricing for those who do not have Plus and therefore cannot use these features.
I'll continue using it for now - mostly because I can't face going through the removal of the app (and its theme code), and installing a competitor's version.
In summary, for $250+ per month, I would expect a much smoother experience.

Pixie Wing
New Zealand
5 måneder bruker appen
Rebuy svarte 11. oktober 2022

Hi Pixie Wing Team,

Thank you for your review. We're sorry to hear that there have been some bumps in your onboarding experience. We will continue to work with you to sort out the issues you have encountered and ensure your success with Rebuy!

20. oktober 2022

Did not work well for us. As an honest review, I believe the pricing curve on Rebuy Personalization Engine was stressful to us. We already receive 5000+ orders per month, and off the bat it would cost $499 per month but based on the pricing tier model, its based on the revenue you can make. I'm not sure why an app wants to scale in cost as you scale in sales without really adding functionality. Should be a product, buy and use. After $40,000 in rebuy generated revenue, and this is after you are paying $1k/month, the pricing is that they want $250 per additional 10k. In essence, their pricing structure in a way owns a % of your company's revenue that it generates.

4 dager bruker appen
Rebuy svarte 20. oktober 2022

Hi, Coldest Team,

Thank you for your candid feedback. Rebuy's pricing model is based on the actual value that we are providing to each merchant. Instead of taking a percentage of all orders per month, even those that are not Rebuy driven, we base our fees on only those orders which were attributed by Rebuy Generated Revenue (RGR), which is defined as products purchased as a direct result of Rebuy features such as widgets, links, and recommendation workflows.

We understand that every penny counts in today's world, so we truly appreciate your input on the pricing model. As for the app not working well with your store, We would be happy to help get things up and running so you can recognize the vast ROI that our app can provide!

We will be in touch to discuss this further with you shortly.

16. august 2023

Unfortunately, they could not get the app to work properly with my installed Vision Theme which is a 2.0 Theme.

Support was really friendly and quick but I think it is a little dubious that the tech support could not get it to work.

Whenever someone added a product to the cart via rebuy, the products that already were in the cart were deleted.

8 dager bruker appen
Rebuy svarte 17. august 2023

We're truly sorry to hear about the trouble you've experienced with the app and your Vision Theme. It's great to hear that the support team was quick to assist you, but we understand your concern about the technical issue not being resolved. We will reach out directly to discuss further!

23. november 2021

Uninstalled because I experienced the most unhelpful customer service of any app I’ve worked with. I was excited by the features and screenshots offered on Rebuy’s Shopify page. I didn’t want to achieve anything complicated but I just needed some help to position the app in the right position on the product page (it's automatic detection didn't work) and to ensure it appears in the same way as an example screenshot shown on their site. Perhaps I was wrong to hope one of your team members might be kind enough to help me - by requesting permission to my store - but instead I was given short replies and sent a link to a help guide (which I cannot understand, unfortunately). A great pity as I had hoped this would be a great solution.

4 dager bruker appen