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5 de junho de 2020

Incredible customer service. They had us up and making money from this app within 15 minutes. Looks great out of the box. Excited to see the difference this makes and how what future features are rolled out with such an agile team.

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Rebuy deixou uma resposta 5 de junho de 2020

Cheers fellas! Loving the feedback! Thank you! We’re thrilled to have you guys on board! And we’re just getting started too!! Yew! 😃 👋

23 de novembro de 2021

Uninstalled because I experienced the most unhelpful customer service of any app I’ve worked with. I was excited by the features and screenshots offered on Rebuy’s Shopify page. I didn’t want to achieve anything complicated but I just needed some help to position the app in the right position on the product page (it's automatic detection didn't work) and to ensure it appears in the same way as an example screenshot shown on their site. Perhaps I was wrong to hope one of your team members might be kind enough to help me - by requesting permission to my store - but instead I was given short replies and sent a link to a help guide (which I cannot understand, unfortunately). A great pity as I had hoped this would be a great solution.

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20 de outubro de 2022

Did not work well for us. As an honest review, I believe the pricing curve on Rebuy Personalization Engine was stressful to us. We already receive 5000+ orders per month, and off the bat it would cost $499 per month but based on the pricing tier model, its based on the revenue you can make. I'm not sure why an app wants to scale in cost as you scale in sales without really adding functionality. Should be a product, buy and use. After $40,000 in rebuy generated revenue, and this is after you are paying $1k/month, the pricing is that they want $250 per additional 10k. In essence, their pricing structure in a way owns a % of your company's revenue that it generates.

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Rebuy deixou uma resposta 20 de outubro de 2022

Hi, Coldest Team,

Thank you for your candid feedback. Rebuy's pricing model is based on the actual value that we are providing to each merchant. Instead of taking a percentage of all orders per month, even those that are not Rebuy driven, we base our fees on only those orders which were attributed by Rebuy Generated Revenue (RGR), which is defined as products purchased as a direct result of Rebuy features such as widgets, links, and recommendation workflows.

We understand that every penny counts in today's world, so we truly appreciate your input on the pricing model. As for the app not working well with your store, We would be happy to help get things up and running so you can recognize the vast ROI that our app can provide!

We will be in touch to discuss this further with you shortly.

26 de setembro de 2022

Awesome app! And the best of all is the support in background. Jeffrey helped me to do some custom modifications for our store and I can't be happier. Thank you!!

ShareOriginal® Shop by Lena
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Rebuy deixou uma resposta 26 de setembro de 2022

Thank you for the amazing review! We are happy to hear that you are having a great end to end experience with the product and the team. We look forward to watching your future success!

21 de maio de 2022

The post-purchase upsell does not work. I follow 100% of the instruction but no upsell offering shows after purchase. The customer support team keeps telling me that the product(s) people bought were not part of the trigger collection, which is not accurate. Then they just stop answering.

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Rebuy deixou uma resposta 23 de maio de 2022

[UPDATE] - Hi Amile Team, we have been unsuccessful in contacting you. Again, we would love to work with you on whatever issues you are having. We will wait for your reply so we can continue the investigation.

[UPDATE] - Hi Amile Team, we continue to reach out to troubleshoot further but have not yet received a response. I am following up here in case our other follow ups are not making it to you. I will also reach out via email so we can work on this issue. Have a nice day!

[UPDATE] - Hi again, we are attempting to get in contact to troubleshoot further. At your earliest convenience, could you please reply so we can greater extend our assistance? Thank you!


Thank you for your review. We're truly sorry to hear about your frustration with our application, but appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. I see we have an open thread going through our chat and will work to help you resolve as quickly as possible.

If you would like to discuss this matter further or have any other topics you would like to discuss, you can contact me anytime at Christian.Sokolowski@rebuyengine.com. I will be happy to meet with you so we can make this right!

13 de abril de 2022

Unbelievable capabilities and the support staff, especially, Strauss, is AMAZING. Honestly, founders of Rebuy, Strauss deserves a raise. Absolute rockstar.

Frontline Boutique
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23 de agosto de 2019

Just getting started. I'm happy with the app so far. Added upsells to my shopping cart and the developer answered my question almost immediately.

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Rebuy deixou uma resposta 23 de agosto de 2019

Great! Thanks for installing. Contact us if you have any further questions or need help getting anything else setup. Thanks!

Data de edição: 15 de agosto de 2019

Easy to setup and responsive customer support. I used the app to add Also Bought recommendations to my product pages. Would be great if the app could exclude results for items that are out of stock. Other than that great app.

Store Concepts
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Rebuy deixou uma resposta 21 de agosto de 2019

We appreciate your feedback! Thank you! We've relayed this feedback through our product development team and are working hard to upgrade the recommended products algorithm to exclude OOS products from the results. Thank you for your feedback and 5 star review. This helps so much. Thank you!

12 de dezembro de 2021

I use this app, it good at first... but...................unitl I added widget in prodcut page, and it slow down my product page, and this cause people can not press add to cart until 5-10sec later...... this is really suck!! I had pay a lot of ads, and I just wonder why the conversion rate is low.... and until I find out that... it already cost me 100+ for ads... luck I find out early...................if you do not want the app slow down your product page, be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!! bad!

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Rebuy deixou uma resposta 13 de dezembro de 2021

Very sorry to hear this! We are here to help! Not sure exactly what is happening here but we are here to support our merchants 100%! Can you please email us at support at rebuyengine.com (or me directly at john.erck at rebuyengine.com) so we can jump on a one-on-one screenshare to help troubleshoot and setup your account? Rebuy runs on Google Cloud Platform, GKE Autopilot, BigTable, Fastly, CloudFlare, and more to provide sub 50ms response times. We can for sure help out and provide a very fast perfectly setup implementation for you! Again, your experience seems very unique. Please reach out to me directly at john.erck at rebuyengine.com and I'd be happy to help out and do whatever it takes to fix this.

Can you share what you had setup on your product page?

3 de setembro de 2019

Very good marketing app and customer service is A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Guitars On Main
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Rebuy deixou uma resposta 3 de setembro de 2019

Thank you for the positive review! Makes a huge difference for us. We enjoyed working with you on your account. And, for what it's worth, we also value music at Rebuy, and, many of us here are musicians. So again, thank you and we had fun working with you. We wish you the utmost of success online at https://guitarsonmain.com and in person in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. Rock on. All the best. - Rebuy Team 🎸🎶