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3 januari 2023

Overall, it's a great tool to improve CVR across the site. Some integrations with other apps can be improved such as with Some features works better out of the box depending on the theme.

Privé Revaux
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 3 månader
Rebuy svarade 3 januari 2023

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review! We would love to hear more about your experience with the app integrations so we will be reaching out to discuss that further. Please let us know if there is anything we can help with to make your brand successful!

13 december 2022

The smart cart is a great feature and the main reason we rate the app so highly. This feature is 100% worth it. With many SKUs it can be difficult for customers to know what else they should purchase, AI recommendations make it a simple process.

The post-purchase feature was recommended to us but needs improvement when it comes to tiered offers. For example, if a customer adds an item post-purchase and now hit the free shipping threshold it is not applied to their order creating customer service issues. This is a big deal for us as we want our customers to have the best experience possible on our site by getting offers they have qualified for.

Rebuy support overall is ok. They only have chat support and it is PST which is not great for us on the east coast. Most questions will happen first thing in the morning when there is 0 support. We prefer having a phone number to call where we can quickly resolve issues which is not the case with Rebuy. It can take many messages back and forth over a few hours to resolve issues/answer questions. Support is very helpful and tries their best to resolve issues, for us it's more of an issue when there is an urgent matter.

The platform itself is not super difficult to use but there is a lot you will miss without having someone to guide you. It was a bit of a struggle with figuring out best practices and setting up specific offers without reaching out to support. You can schedule a call with a team member to talk you through some features which I found to be VERY helpful. I would recommend doing this when you first get the app. Aiman was straight to the point and taught us what we needed to know to get started. Be prepared to put a decent amount of time into learning the ins and outs of this app.

White Water Life
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Rebuy svarade 13 december 2022

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your review and positive experience with our app. 🙏

If there's anything we can do on our side to turn your experience with Rebuy or our the Rebuy Team into a 5 star review, please do let us know!! And we will do everything we can to make that happen!

Regardless, thank you for letting us play a part in helping to grow your business!

5 december 2022

We implemented Rebuy quickly and easily with the help of Ian and the rest of the team. We implemented the day before black friday and Rebuy helped us reach out sales targets for the holiday! There is so much you can do with this app, looking forward to utilizing all its capabilities.

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 18 dagar
Rebuy svarade 5 december 2022

Hey Caskata Team!

Thank you for the great review! We are happy to hear that you are having such a great experience with the Rebuy app and team. It looks like you hd some awesome Black Friday sales!

Please let us know if there is every anything else we can help with.

4 november 2022

You may find yourself having to custom code some things with this app (e.g., content positioning), but Rebuy support has generally been willing and able help with these tasks. Would like to see more built-in setup options in the future.

BRL Sports
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 12 månader
Rebuy svarade 4 november 2022

Thanks so much for the review! We are happy that you are enjoying the app.

We are always enhancing the product and would love some more feedback from you about your experience to understand what you are looking to get out of the app in the future. We will be in touch to discuss!

29 augusti 2022

The app itself is great! Pretty easy to use and straightforward. I gave it 4 stars because there's some workarounds needed if you're not on Shopify Plus, but Jeffrey from the Support Team helped tremendously throughout the week to help get a widget up and running for us. Looking forward to using this app for other upsell and cross-sell promotions!

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 6 dagar
Rebuy svarade 29 augusti 2022

Thanks for the review! We are happy that you are enjoying the app so far and that we were able to provide you solutions for some Shopify limitations. Please don't hesitate to ever reach out should you need any further assistance!

9 maj 2022

Great app for customized cross-sell/upsell feeds. The app is very complex, with many widget types. I would be great to offer better filtering rules to exclude products/collections/tags etc. Their support is also pretty quick. Recommend!

Vint & York
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 2 månader
4 april 2022

Rebuy has literally helped add $5-10 to our AOV in a matter of days. And, the smart cart is a huge UX upgrade. There's a lot to learn when getting started, however. Took days to begin learning the flows. The team has been super responsive and helpful! Love that one app covers all our upsell/cross sell features instead of our previous stack of 2-3 apps.

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 12 dagar
24 februari 2022

Very clean and super easy to use. Looks great on our website! Their staff is also incredibly helpful and quick to respond.

Yamamotoyama U.S.A.
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 4 månader
18 november 2021

Upsell, mini cart, cross sell and other features are outstanding. We have seen a HUGE revenue increase in subscription adoption and AOV since installing re-buy. We would love it if the rebuy team would put more work into the script performance and progressive enhancement/speed as this app has significant performance impacts on the theme and is currently the biggest drop on our performance metrics which is the only downside.

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 12 månader
3 september 2020

I was facing an issue with this app. I reached the support team and the team member replied back immediately and fixed the issue.Really appreciate it

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