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Recart Messenger Marketing

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The #1 Facebook Messenger Marketing & Abandoned Cart App

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Legging Hut

these guys have double charged me twice, then after I uninstalled their app after months of not benefiting from it, they charged me again. Might be a good app for you, but a BIG THUMBS DOWN on their billing department/system!!!!!

Anjali Yogi

Doesn't work at all and difficult to find how to unsubscribe. I'm not satisfy. I paid 3 months for nothing

Misleading app. Doesn't work as described.
Very disappointed in the service or Recart Messenger Marketing.

Mondosol shop

I have tried this app for messenger retargeting and abandoned cart. I have not got improvements. As Recart offers 30 days or an initial 7 days trial and a trial extension of 21 days for completing 3 easy goals (completed), you get charged $29. It's confusing and a way to steal you money. I would NOT recommend using this app.

My Little Things Shop

still figuring out how it works, they say its free trial, but when you install it they ask you to write a nice review about them and do othr things to extend the free trial

The Tec

I used this app to help me with retargetting, Really usedful. It generates me at least $1K extra sales. Yes, I did enjoy it.


Received an email that a cart was recovered and an order placed for $71. The cart did exist, however your app rounded the amount up from $70.99 - I've not yet seen anything stating that you do rounding, but when it comes to accurate revenue, that action is dubious, and more to the point, no such order was placed. How do I trust an app that has given me bad data from the beginning?

Love And Skin

App performs slowly and lacks functionality. I cancelled the app and was still charged a monthly fee. I emailed customer support and reversing the billing charge and got a rude response that they would not do it. I'd steer clear of this app. Lousy customer service and lousy functionality. It's not much different than using the built in messenger application that Shopify has.


Public service announcement: Think very carefully when you install these abandon basket apps. Why? 'cos they don't work? Nope...because the developers credit themselves with transactions that actually aren't attributed to their app driving a sale, and then charge you for it. If you are using only this app, then fine...but you should be asking yourself why you are ONLY using this app for abandon basket. That is not very clever. If you are using multiple methods, E.g. Facebook DPA, emails, web push and this app, then you're in for a rude awakening. Why? Because of their attribution model. Let me give you a concrete example. A customer comes to your site, abandons a basket. Your abandon basket email fires 1hr later, your web push or SMS maybe some time later, and your FB message from Recart. The moment a user OPENS the fb message, they attribute the sale to their app, but it could have been the email or the SMS that actually convinced the customer to come back and buy. Not only this, but they say "Oh in some cases the FB app won't report on the open. In this case [even worse], we attribute any sale within 72hrs to Recart". This is literally criminal. Obviously it is in their best interest to falsely attribute sales to their app because they charge you more, the more carts it 'saves'. THINK ABOUT, and thank me later. I think they are preying on people with limited marketing knowledge and lack of understanding of attribution to fill their pockets.

Oh one other thing, they are smart, they get you to write a review to extend your trial period. That is why they have so many 5 star reviews. To me, the entire ethos around this is underhanded.


Stop my sales completely from the moment I installed it... No idea why... Never got any data, everything was just spinning...

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