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Recent Activity

Recent Activity

Developed by URUMON

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  • Increase revenue by providing social proof
  • Build trust by decreasing ambiguity about the credibility of your shop
  • Allow customers to discover items, promoting impulse purchases


Over 150+ stores currently using this app

Is this store legitimate? Do other people actually use this store? What can I do here? What are other people buying? What should I buy? Can I trust this store? These are the types of questions that Recent Activity can help to alleviate.

Social Proof: People tend to follow the patterns of similar people in new or unfamiliar situations. By displaying social activity, you can help put your customers at ease and guide them to what the normal (or intended) behavior is at your shop. Customers tend to all look for guidance and direction. Recent Activity provides this by showcasing what actions should be taken at your shop.

Trust: Customers crave certainty and are more likely to take action if specific information is available. Ambiguity can trigger a threat response resulting in inaction. Displaying social activity is an effective means to provide information and remove ambiguity. To start, customers might question the validity of the social activity being displayed. One of the key factors of Recent Activity, is its ability to respond immediately to customer input. If a customer views a product, it shows in the feed. If a customer purchases a product, it shows in the feed. This feedback mechanism will allow customers to have trust in the activity shown in the feed. With this trust established, questions such as "Can I trust to buy items from this store?" can be squashed. If they see others purchasing from your store, they will be more likely to as well. Recent Activity is a cyclical process that builds trust.

Discovery: It is human nature to get aroused by new and unexpected discoveries. Recent Activity leverages this fact by constantly updating with fresh content, creating opportunities for customers to engage and discover new items. A customer can spend less time trying to recall from memory what types of items they are interested in (intent purchases), and move towards an experience that merely involves recognizing items that peak their interests, leading to impulse purchases.


People love Pinterest. Top online retailers are leveraging the power of Pinterest to boost sales through huge amounts of referral traffic. For you to not follow suit would be a mistake.

Allow your customers to contribute to their pinboards directly from your shop, using a familiar Pinterest style user interface. The more they share, the more likely it is for your products to spread virally. Use Pinfeed to give your products the opportunity to speak for themselves.

Provide a fun way for your customers to browse and discover new items at your shop. Pinfeed collects your shops activity and displays them in such a way that will peak customers interests in certain items, which naturally leads to impulse purchases.

Make it easy for your customers to share all the awesome items available at your shop. Leverage Pinfeed to grow your organic traffic by sharing through:

  • Facebook Likes

  • Facebook Comments

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • Tumblr

Display Customizations

Recent Activity installation is super easy. It only requires you to copy/paste 1 line of code through your template editor!

  • Display format: Horizontal or Vertical

  • Number of items to show: 1-20

  • Show time of activity: true or false

  • Number of items to show per row: Only applicable for horizontal display format

  • Event Filter: 9 possible events

  • Title Customization: Call the section anything you want

  • Anonymous Events: Hide your customers' names

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by email at support@urumon.com

Free – $20.99 / month
7 days

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