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Bearbeitet am 12. April 2021

loved this app, easy to install. Will update about its performance. Will update about its performance. -------UPDATE-------
I did NOT like this app at all. The TIMER was off by a full week! I had the timer set for 12-04-2021 - 18-04-2021 and it kept saying SALE WILL END IN 14 DAYS!!!! ANOTHER THING..... The count down didn't even show up on my website!!! DELETING THIS APP IMMEDIATELY!!!

Cela Wardrobe
Vereinigte Staaten
29 minuten mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 13. April 2021

We feel sad for your experience. The wording "SALE WILL END IN 14 DAYS!" is only shown in preview regardless of your set schedule.

Secondly, default time zone is UTC so timer works according to that however, you can change the time zone from profile to show the timer on store according to your time zone.

We request you to reinstall the app and let our team help you set it up on your store. We are sure that you will love using our free ap.


19. März 2021

Provide some detail about what you did or did not enjoy about using this app. Your comments can help other merchants decide whether to use this app.

Qmaster - shopping online
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
6 minuten mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 22. März 2021

We see that the app was uninstalled in just a couple of minutes and request you to reinstall it and let us help you correctly set up he app. Just let us know and our support team will assist you to configure and start boosting your sales. All the best!

12. April 2020

Not very user friendly and not all featured are working. I suggest finishing your app before putting it up for use.

Everything Maternal
2 tage mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 13. April 2020

We tried to check the app on your store and found that store is not launched yet and still password protected. While the app cannot work on the store at the moment, we request you to remove the review and share it later when you have actually experienced our great free app, once the store is live.

In case you need assistance to set up the app, you can connect our support team at

23. Januar 2021

I have just down this app I don't really know how it work. I really hoped it works I'm tired of downloading app that don't works.

Sharma Boutike
Vereinigte Staaten
12 minuten mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 25. Januar 2021

We apologize for your not so good experience with the apps that don't work on your store. We ask you to reinstall and let us know and our support manager will help you correctly setup our free app on your store. We hope that it will help you start boosting sales.

30. Juni 2020

It's nonsense, the timer doesn't appear, the reviews are not understandable in english and even setting it up doesn't work, I advise you not to install it on your shops !

Ein tag mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 1. Juli 2020

We can see that app is working just fine on your store including the Countdown Timer and Sales Notification. Timer works according to UTC timezone that may took some time to match with your local time zone.

We encourage you to delete the review and add it later when you have fully experienced our great free app on your store.

16. November 2020

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! I added it to my store and its decently DESTROYED my store! I need to create a new theme and start everything from 0!

PinkyOffers - International
15 minuten mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 16. November 2020

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thousands of stores are using our app but we never had such a feedback. As we are willing to resolve it on your store, you are requested to reinstall and let us have it thoroughly checked with your help. We are sure that it can turn your 1-star experience to 5-stars one. Our support manager is also reaching out to you for further assistance.

26. Mai 2019

L'application ne marche pas avec ma boutique. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllll

4 tage mit der App
4. Januar 2020

havent used yet makes me use 100 characters xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Phone Case Aesthetics
Vereinigtes Königreich
Ein tag mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 6. Januar 2020

Thank you for your review. I'd like to inform you that leaving a review is totally optional and we have clearly mentioned it in the app dashboard.

We encourage you to use our free app and then later you can share your experience with other users. In case you need any help, you can reach our support team from within the app.

28. Januar 2019

I am ask to leave a good review before I try the app. I am not able to continue without leaving a review. I will try it,but probably delete it for this reason. Sorry mates

Maw Mood
4 tage mit der App
30. August 2020

IT does not work!
Just installed it and will remove it right away!
Not sure how to use my products, its not even show notifications on my website

The Pan Shop LLC
Vereinigte Staaten
9 minuten mit der App
Care Cart hat geantwortet 31. August 2020

We apologize for the inconvenience. Since the app was uninstalled within few minutes after installation, so our team is unable to identify any issue, if exists. We want to make things right for you in order to help you improve conversion absolutely free, kindly reinstall and connect with our support team via email to get you back to start boosting sales.