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Bearbeitet am 26. Oktober 2018

The app does exactly what it claims to. Tech support responds promptly for modification requests. Price is right. Finally, it doesn't take forever to load like some of the competitors. I would highly recommend it.

Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 20 stunden mit der App
25. August 2021

just installed it, easy to use. very helpful support. will look into using it in other shops i own as well.

Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
Etwa 18 stunden mit der App
Prezen Apps hat geantwortet 25. August 2021

Thank you so much for your review :)

Bearbeitet am 14. Januar 2019

"Simple Recently Viewed Product" fills a void among several other cross-page navigation methods on Developer was prompt to respond to installation assistance.

As the name implies, settings are pretty basic. This will appeal to most users. However, a few more settings would be appreciated.

1. Option to display on blog pages (includes options for "product" and "cart")
2. Option to change size of images (large, medium, small)
3. Method for visitor to remove specific history items (x)
4. When less than 4 items are displayed, can they be centered?
5. Can we choose to enable on desktop/mobile?
6. Images are not excluded from Pinterest (nopin="nopin"), which can cause confusion for visitors pinning correct image.

There is no indication of how long "recent" items are saved. (Hourly, daily or weekly?) Overall, this app feels like the first iteration of a good idea. I look forward to future refinements.

Vereinigte Staaten
14 tage mit der App
27. September 2021

Amazing customer service! Mady helped configure the app to work with our current theme, thanks so much!

Happy Valley
Etwa 10 stunden mit der App
13. August 2021

Simple app. Great support. Valuable to boost conversion rates. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their business.

Tibet Shop Sydney
Etwa 6 stunden mit der App
Prezen Apps hat geantwortet 13. August 2021

Thank you for your amazing review :)

14. Juli 2022

App does what it says but if you need modifications in design according to shopify dawn to a same look & feel like e.g recommended products section there might be better options out there.

N°129 concept store
6 tage mit der App
Prezen Apps hat geantwortet 15. Juli 2022

Hi There,
I really appreciate your positive response.
We will match the design of the layout as per your need.
Also, every theme has a different layout, and we have to do some adjustments according to the theme's look and feel.
If you allow us so, we can do it for you.

22. April 2022

Slowed my Store down. On every Page where it was you could not scroll or click anything for 2-3 Seconds, because the Recently Reviewed Carousel was creating itself. The App is buggy as well.

6 tage mit der App
Prezen Apps hat geantwortet 22. April 2022

We have already checked your store before, and we informed you that app will never slow down your store.
There is some theme issue on which you feel like the app creating the problem but it's wrong.
More than 2000+ stores are using our app, and we never get this type of complaint.
I suggest you to double cross-check on your store theme and let me know if I can help you with that.

28. Februar 2022

i used this app to get recommended products for my customer, worked well App is good liked the customer support service especially

The Golden Time
Etwa eine stunde mit der App
19. November 2018

I am using this app and this app is wonderful and it's team also very helpful.

I have some issue on product page but this app's support team very helpful, they give me perfect solution.

Vereinigte Staaten
Eine minute mit der App
6. Januar 2019

I am now using a free app as I found it simpler to use and didn't need to contact customer services to ensure this one is working correctly. After reading all the other such positive reviews I wrongly assumed this would be a cost effective and great product. It is still ok but there is better out there for free.

Megan’s Health and Beauty Store
Vereinigtes Königreich
32 minuten mit der App