Simple Recently Viewed Product

Simple Recently Viewed Product

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Refresh your buyer’s memory by recommendations of products.

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Increase Sales Volumes

Boost sales by displaying the recently viewed products on your store to nudge customers into making a purchase.

Go Mobile

Maintain cross-device responsiveness and display the recently viewed items without affecting the layout.


Users can pick from a gamut of customizable options for layouts and designs directly from their app settings.

有關 Simple Recently Viewed Product

Generate more revenue | Soft-sell products | Simplify the checkout process.

Customers may want to pick up their shopping journey from where they have last left off. The Recently Viewed Products feature offers them an overview of the items they may have explored of late. It serves as a reminder for recently viewed items that once held their interest and encourages them to complete the purchase.

What’s New?

  • With the new upgrade, you can display recently viewed items beyond cart or product pages, and display them on the home page and collection page as well.
  • Enable or disable the recently viewed product slider, auto slider feature, and clear all recently viewed buttons.
  • Add to cart events can either redirect customers to the cart page or keep them on the product page.
  • Modify the “Add to Cart” button text, language, label, and color.
  • Change the background color and text color of the action buttons for recently viewed products to capture visitor attention.
  • Enable or disable the border, while changing the border color to highlight the most viewed products.
  • Increase or decrease the spacing between recently viewed items.

How Does it Help?

The Recently Viewed Products are available on all pages of the store, except for the checkout page. Users can use it as a reference point to compare costs, discover recommended products, and follow through with the purchase. We also offer homepage customization to display Recently Viewed Products on the home screen.

Why Choose Simple Recently Viewed Product?

  1. End-to-end support: We offer you guidance from installation right until configuration.
  2. Simplify the customer journey: Save your customers the frustration of manually hunting for recently viewed items.
  3. Instant installation: One-click installation is possible using a simple shortcode to configure the app.
  4. More revenue: Increase sales to generate more revenue per customer.
  5. Mobile-responsive: Mobile-friendly display without losing out on features and functionalities.
  6. Quicker checkouts: Display most viewed products to speed up the journey from browsing to checkout.

Feature Highlights

  • Simple option to enable and disable the app.
  • Customize the title from Recently Viewed Products to anything of choice through the app settings.
  • Display multiple recommended products in the slider and grid layouts.
  • Customize the “Buy Now/Add to Cart” button to maintain brand consistency.
  • Hand-pick the pages where you wish to display the recently viewed products.
  • Truncate or trim product titles to optimize their length.
  • Show or hide product prices.

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  • Fully Customizable Slider
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Clear All Recently Viewed Items
  • Show Anywhere on your theme
  • 24/7 Email Support



  • Free for Test stores & Trial Plan Stores
  • Includes all features of Starter Plan

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5.0 5 顆星


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Asked few questions to Mady and got solved very quickly ! Satisfied with good service ! thanks alot!



Thank you so much for your review :)


just installed it, easy to use. very helpful support. will look into using it in other shops i own as well.



Thank you so much for your review :)

Tibet Shop Sydney

Simple app. Great support. Valuable to boost conversion rates. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their business.



Thank you for your amazing review :)