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Product Recommender

Product Recommender

Developed by Cupel Apps

Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Shows Amazone like product recommendations automcatically. A simple recommendation engine to increase conversion rate
  • Robust algorithm based on past purchases. Product Analysis report for taking informed decisions
  • One click automatic installation. No coding required and works with any theme. Responsive, mobile friendly and fully customizable

According to Barilliance “31% of ecommerce revenues were generated from personalized product recommendations during Q4 2014”. And on top of that, users that click on recommendations convert at a 5.5% higher ecommerce conversion rate

Product recommendations are a great way to help your visitors discover products on your online store and deliver a personalized shopping experience to them. If used effectively, product recommendations can increase average order value and boost revenue by 2–5%

After all, all the largest ecommerce stores are using them, they can’t be wrong!

Recently viewed products is one of the simplest product recommendations and it is Ecommerce 101 for any ecommerce store. Shoppers are viewing lot of products in your store. And suddenly they want to revisit the products they viewed in past and if they have to press the back button or use search filter to find the products, they will immediately get frustrated and leave the site. Give them a second chance to revisit the products they are interested

As per 2015 Report by Barilliance Nearly 12.3% of revenue generated from "Recently Viewed Products" and 8.5% of revenue generated from "Top Sellers" Recommendation types

It makes sense to showing recently viewed items when customers are choosing between a few alternatives, so they can easily navigate back to something they have just been looking at. And if you make things easier for customers, you’ll keep them happier and more likely to buy from your online store.

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☆ Personalized Shopping Experience

Give your shoppers a personalized shopping experience.

☆ Shows recently viewed products automatically ☆

Shows recently viewed products automatically in a intuitive manner. The Recently viewed button is available on all pages so that shoppers can easily locate and revisit the products they have previously viewed

☆ Shows top selling products automatically ☆

Shows top selling products automatically in a intuitive manner on product pages and cart pages

☆ Shoppers can clear the history ☆

Shoppers can easily clear the recent history

☆ Prolong storage of recently viewed products ☆

Shopper's recently viewed products are stored in prolong period until shopper clears history


Free Trial : 7 Days

After Trial : $9.99 / month

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$9.99 / month

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7 days

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