Recipe Management

Recipe Management

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Recipe Management

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Create & Manage Recipes

Create Your Own Recipe And Publish It Your Store.

Make Recipe Of The Day

Make Any Recipe As Recipe Of The Day, And Display It to Your Store Any Where You Want.

Allow Users To Upload Recip

Allow Your Customer To Upload Their Recipe, And Manage Them By Approving Or Rejecting Their Recipe.

Over Recipe Management

Recipe Management App

  • Have you ever thought you can prepare delicious and tempting dishes all by yourself just by installing a Recipe Management App?

  • Thanks to technological advancements!

  • In this fast-paced world, most often we do not get the time to experiment with different ingredients to create the perfect food. On such occasions, Recipe Management App is exactly what we need. With step-by-step instructions and exquisite photos, cooking has never been so simple and fascinating.

  • The primary features of the Recipe Management App are listed below:

User Features:

  • The users can submit their recipes, and those will be visible only after the admin’s approval.
  • They can see all the approved recipe listings in the front-end.
  • The users can even take a look at the “Recipe Of The Day” which is specially selected by the admin, in the store.
  • When users submit a recipe, they will be notified by an e-mail if the recipe is approved or rejected.

Admin Features:

  • The admin can create, update, and view recipes.
  • The admin can approve and reject recipes submitted by the users.
  • The admin can see separate listings of "All Recipe", "Approved Recipe", and "Rejected Recipe".
  • Another important feature for the admin is to create and manage recipes by categories like spicy food, deserts, and Italian food.
  • Moreover, the admin can control which of the fields are required for the recipe form. For example - Recipe Name, Description, Ingredients, Methods, etc.
  • The admin can choose any recipe as "Recipe Of The Day".
  • Also, the admin can show the "Recipe Of The Day" anywhere in the store, like the home page, product page, or cart page.

Get this amazing app today and tingle your taste buds!

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Basic Plan


  • Upload Unlimited Recipe

  • Allow Fields Which You Required

  • Show Recipe Of The Day In Store Any Where

  • Manage Recipe Category

  • Update Recipe

* Alle kosten worden in USD gefactureerd. Terugkerende kosten, inclusief maandelijkse of op gebruik gebaseerde kosten, worden elke 30 dagen in rekening gebracht.

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