Turing product recommendations

Turing product recommendations

by Turing Analytics

Recommend similar looking products

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Boost your sales & conversions

Increase conversion rates and sales volume using our AI powered similar product recommendations

Reduce cart abandonment

Suggest visually similar products when shopper is viewing an out of stock item to reduce cart abandonment

One click installation

No technical skills required, just click on install to get the recommendations live on your website in minutes

About Turing product recommendations

Visually Similar Product Recommendations

For product categories that are highly visual in nature (like fashion, furniture, kitchenware etc.), product descriptions and purchase history are insufficient to make appropriate suggestions to customers. Products in these categories have aesthetic elements like pattern, shape, color and texture at the core of every purchase decisions that are difficult to put into words.

How does it work?

The visually similar product recommendation engine works like a virtual shop assistant by highlighting products which “look similar” to what a customer is interested in. It helps you suggest products with similar pattern, shape and color from your inventory. The AI powering this plugin only considers the product image to recommend similar products in popularity agnostic manner.


  1. Click the get button
  2. Our dashboard shows image indexing progress
  3. Widget goes live as “Similar products” on your store

Simple plug and play Integration

  • No technical knowledge required
  • Plugin automatically starts indexing your inventory in the background without any button clicks. It takes a few minutes for small stores and less than 3 hours for stores with 25,000 products
  • Widget goes live as soon as the indexing is done

Who should use this plugin?

Stores that sell Fashion (Apparel, Footwear, Jewelry, bags, eyewear etc.) and Home & Lifestyle (Furniture, Decor, Kitchenware, Appliances etc.) products.


1. Increase catalog discovery

With other recommendations plugin, only the popular products from the inventory are exposed to customers. As top selling products are recommended again and again. With Image based recommendations, the whole catalog becomes open for discovery.

2. Cross-sell

It is an excellent cross-selling tool that suggests similar products in case the desired product is out of stock

3. Convert customers faster

By showing almost similar suggestions, it reduces search time for customers to find the desired product leading to better conversions

4. 100% responsive & Mobile-friendly

Adapts its size and layout to the screen and supports touch gestures for easy product navigation. Freely design our recommendations widget to match your store’s theme

5. Supports all languages and currency


Our pricing is simple and cost-effective aimed at helping your shop grow and succeed. We charge fixed monthly fees based on your inventory size.

  • Unlimited Impressions
  • No maintenance or processing charges
  • No usage-based charges
  • No one-time charges
  • No hidden charges

Free Support

Feel free to reach out for any pre or post-installation support

See the app in action

Explore how the app works in an example store.

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Pricing 14-day free trial

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Free to install

Monthly charge is based on no of products in your catalogue

  • Up to 1000 products

  • Unlimited impressions



Monthly charge is based on no of products in your catalogue

  • Up to 5k products

  • Unlimited impressions



Monthly charge is based on no of products in your catalogue

  • Up to 10k products

  • Unlimited impressions



Monthly charge is based on no of products in your catalogue

  • Up to 30k products

  • Unlimited impressions

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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