Personalized Recommendations

Personalized Recommendations


Recommended Products, Frequently Bought Together, Upsell++ AI

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Personalized Recommendations

Target users by showing Personalized Recommendations. Increase conversions. Upsell/Cross sell to Increase sales on Headless & Shopify stores

Increase Conversions & Revenue

Dealing with low conversions? Use data and AI/ML to generate Personalized Recommendations to show the right product at the right time.

Frequently Bought Together

Increase Average Order Value (AoV) by upselling products on Product Page & Cart Page. Increase revenue by using smart and manual upsell

有關 Personalized Recommendations

Increase Conversions and Revenue using our AI/ML led Personalized Recommendations, Frequently Bought Together, Related Products, Upsell, Cross sell, Recently Viewed for Plus Stores

Start growing your brand within 5 minutes.

NEW PRO FEATURE: Custom Widget Templates. We ensure to match widgets exactly to the existing recommendation sections of your theme.

We generate personalised recommendations using proprietary algorithm. We also allow you to manually configure the recommendations to meet your specific needs.

We support:

  • Personalized Recommendations For You
  • Frequently Bought Together - Upsell
  • You may also like - Cross Sell
  • Similar Products - Increase discoverability of Products
  • Recently Viewed - Decrease Bounce Rate
  • Bestsellers
  • Trending Products
  • Top Discounts
  • Recently Purchased
  • Recently Launched
  • Shop The Look

Page Configuration & Widgets

Use our dashboard to configure widgets on each page. You can add unlimited Widgets on any page to show Dynamic & Personalized Product Recommendations.

Sales & Conversion Analytics

Keep track of revenue generated by Recommendations; visitors and their actions using our analytics.

Frequently Bought Together Upsell

Similar to Amazon, Personalized Frequently Bought Together widget helps to upsell products and increase order value.

Personalized Similar Products/Based on Your Interest

You can target customers once they have shown interest in your products by visiting them. We generate recommendations to target customers. This can be used for cross sell as well as for increasing conversions.

Customers Also Bought / Cross Sell / Shop The Look

Cross sell products to increase your sales. Define recommendation rules to target specific product types.

Recently Viewed

Recently Viewed is helpful in re-marketing. It shows the products the user has already visited and has strong interest in buying.

Bestsellers & Trending Products

Personalized best selling product recommendations on your store to increase conversions & revenue.

How personalized recommendations increase conversions?

Personalized Product Recommendations are based on relevant products from past order data and events like add to cart, product page views. Algorithm looks for patterns in user behaviour to find what they are looking for.

Top Features

  • No Manual Setup
  • Automatic Personalized Recommendations using Machine Learning
  • Manual 1-1 Product Recommendations
  • Recommendation Rules based on Product Tags & Product Type
  • Custom CSS & Templates
  • Headless Commerce + Headless Recommendations APIs

24x7 Support for all customers

Integrate with top-rated Shopify apps

  • Variant Options Swatch King
  • ReConvert: Design thank you page for post purchase upsell


  • Multi Currency,
  • Loox - Photo Reviews,
  • Reviews,
  • Ali Reviews,
  • ReConvert,
  • Otis Abandoned Cart

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  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Frequently Bought Together
  • Related Products
  • Self Serve Visual Editor
  • 1,000 Widget Serves
  • 24x7 Support


每月 $29.99

$1 per 2,000 Widgets Served over the 30,000 limit included in the plan.

  • AI + Manual Configuration
  • Product Page
  • Cart
  • ThankYou Page
  • Collection Page
  • Bundle Discounts
  • 30,000 Widget Serves
  • 24x7 Live Support


每月 $69.99

$1 per 2,000 Widgets Served over the 100,000 limit included in the plan.

  • AI + Manual + Rule Based Recommendations
  • Custom Templates
  • Segmentation
  • Email Recommendations
  • 100,000 Widget Serve
  • 24x7 Live Support

Premium Plan

每月 $199.99

$1 per 2,000 Widgets Served over the 400,000 limit included in the plan.

  • AI + Manual + Rule Based Recommendations
  • Auto Complete
  • PopUps
  • Headless Commerce
  • White Glove Service
  • 400,000 Widget Serve
  • 24x7 Live Support

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Urban Nomads

Great experience so far! The widget has a ton of customization options. Plus, the team is really responsive; they helped bring the design of the widget in line with the rest of my site in just days and it looks great.

Avon Shop

5 star recommendation! especially for websites with a huge product listing! can't see my website running without this. definitely a keeper! and service was very prompt and spot on! hope this app continuous succeeding! :)

La Mar Shop

I love this app. It has helped boosting my sales. Very easy to install and to use. I totally recommend it.