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Recommendation Science

Recommendation Science

Developed by nFlate, Inc.

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  • Data Science-Based Personalized Product Recommendations
  • Perfect Site-Matching Carousels
  • 60 Second Install - Just Sit Back and Watch Your Revenue Grow

What is nFlate

nFlate provides a self-service platform for eCommerce site owners to add Amazon-like site-matching product recommendation carousels to their sites with minimal effort and no upfront costs. Data science, when applied to e-commerce, results in expected revenue growth of 30-70%. Yet only approximately 3% of e-commerce sites use machine learning magic to optimize their sales efforts.

Who Should Use nFlate

Any eCommerce Store that has a more than just a few products and a client base that often comes back more than once. nFlate tracks your customer's purchasing-related activities and delivers personalized recommendation carousels to your home, collection, product and cart pages. Automagically, zero-configuration is generally required by the shop owner.

Perfect Site-Matching Carousels and Sliders

nFlate recommendation carousels always match your sites style exactly. Customers will never click on a section that doesn't look like it belongs there. And even if you have a completely custom theme, we can generally match your site's look and feel within minutes. Check out some examples here.

Data Science and Machine Learning

Data Science is hard, expensive and data science employees are being snapped up by all of the largest companies in the world. With nFlate, all of the tough number crunching is done in our cloud for you, with no upfront costs and no new hires. Installed in just 60 seconds.

Lift, Lift, Lift!

It's estimated that Amazon generates about 35% of its revenue from its recommendation system. Adding personalized product recommendation carousels to your site is probably the easiest thing you can do to increase your revenue today. With zero risk, what's stopping you?

Detailed Purchasing Metrics

As an added bonus, nFlate delivers a concise site owner dashboard that provides a snapshot of what has happened on your site at any given time. You'll see metrics for visits, visitors, repeat visitors, average time on site, revenue per visit, total orders, average order value and many others. You'll also see what items are most popular and a clear picture of your revenue performance. All on one easy to digest page.


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