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Related Products ‑ Also bought

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Related Products - Cross Sell - Recommended Products

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Recommendations done right

Show related products on all product pages, automatic or manual, cross sell & boost your sales!

Measure cross sell performance

Insightful reports to track your best selling recommended products & the revenue generated by recommendations!

Super simple setup

Show recommended products in seconds! Easily customize the look & feel of your widget. No need for technical knowledge!

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"Related Products - Also bought" by AskBeat is an easy-to-use tool for showing recommendations, aka related products, on your product pages. Recommended products are generated automatically with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies. You may also set manual recommendations, as well as exclude products from being recommended to your customers. What’s more, it requires minimal setup & no technical knowledge.

Cross Sell Related products

  • Related products, Also Bought, Similar & Popular products are shown on all your product pages
  • Product pages are of great effectiveness to cross sell, as customers are still in ‘buying mode’
  • Recommended products are automatically generated using advanced Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning algorithms
  • Alternatively, you may choose your preferred recommended products with the ‘manual recommendations’ functionality
  • Exclude products from being displayed in the related products widget
  • Products are updated hourly, so that the recommendations widget will display products with up-to-date descriptions, pricing & available variants only

Setup in minutes

  • Set the number of recommended products for your related products widget
  • Choose your call-to-action button: ‘add to cart’ or ‘view product’
  • Let the recommendations widget automatically inspect & apply your store’s styling
  • Or customize the design to your liking
  • Use any language for the widget’s wording
  • Deliver related products in any device; recommendations widget is fully responsive
  • App supports Shopify multiple currencies for recommended products
  • The recommendations widget is designed to work with all themes; yet, we are here to support you in the case that the widget doesn’t display properly with your theme
  • No need for technical knowledge & no coding needed

No code added in your store

  • App is delivered with front-end technologies that do not interfere with your store’s back-end code
  • Your store’s code & theme remains totally intact

Lightweight & fast

  • With less than 25kb, the impact on your store’s loading time & speed will be less than a split second

Transparency with clicks & conversions

  • Daily reporting of recommendations widget results
  • All interactions with the widget are tracked and displayed in your AskBeat dashboard
  • You will know exactly the number of widget pageviews, the times your recommended products were clicked to view or add to cart and how many of those ended up in being sold
  • You will know exactly the revenue from cross sell while using our "Related Products - Also bought" by AskBeat app

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