Recommendify: Upsell with AI

Recommendify: Upsell with AI


Increase Sales with AI-based Personalized Recommendations

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AI-Powered Recommendations

Use AI to recommend products your customers want to buy.

Handpicked Recommendations

Handpick which products are recommended together. Combine handpicked recommendations with AI recommendations, or use them separately.

Email Recommendations

Identify opportunities to upsell existing customers by email.

有關 Recommendify: Upsell with AI

Increase your sales effortlessly with the traffic you already have.

Boost average order value and conversions with AI-based personalized recommendations.

What if you could show your customers instant and accurate recommendations of products they want, as if you were reading their minds?

Or what if you could skyrocket average order values by cross-promoting perfect product combinations, automatically?

Or push a single product across your entire store with a couple of clicks? Bye bye, dead stock!

And wouldn't you like to know, down to the cent, how much your sales app is adding to your bottom line?

With Recommendify, you can do all that and more.

Recommendify gives you access to the following product recommendation features:

  • Personalized AI-based Recommendations
  • Handpicked Recommendations
  • Frequently Bought Together
  • Similar Products
  • Top Selling Items
  • Cart Recommendations
  • Recently Viewed
  • Conversion Tracking

Recommendify helps your customers find what they need before they know it.

You can display the following on your homepage, product page, or cart to optimize sales:

Frequently Bought Together

Mines your order history for purchasing patterns and identifies products that are frequently bought together. When a customer visits their shopping cart, Recommendify makes recommendations based on what other customers bought.

Similar Products or You May Also Like

Based on product data and user behavior, Recommendify quickly discovers similar items on your site that a customer might want. No more missed opportunities. No false moves. Increased AOV.

Top Sellers or What’s Trending

Identifies and recommends your hottest items to keep your customers feeling up-to-date or ahead-of-the-curve. Top Sellers can go anywhere on your site, but we think it works particularly well on your home page.

Recently Viewed

Remembers and shows each customer’s recently viewed products, so they can quickly and easily return to those items. This panel can be placed anywhere to help increase conversions everywhere.

Handpicked Recommendations

Recommendify gives you the freedom to handpick recommendations when and where you want to get them discovered. Increase sales and Average Order Value — with a human touch.

AI-based Recommendations

Analyzes the customer’s browsing pattern and shows personalized recommendations for optimized performance and sales.

Conversion Tracking

Tracks clicks and conversions over time and calculates the total conversion value so you always know how much money the app is making you.

And with a 14-day free trial, you can figure out if it works for your store without risking a cent.

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4.9 5 顆星


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Newbury Comics

We've been using Recommendify for our webstore for several years on Shopify, and have found it to be helpful for promoting product recommendations and simple to use with their interface. Their support has always been quick to reply to any questions we've had and in resolving any issues that have come up for our shop over the years. Would definitely recommend(ify) trying this app if you're looking for something consistent and reliable for cross-selling/up-selling to boost visibility and sales on Shopify.


The app works very well and the support service is great. they helped us quickly and fix the problem.

Grant Point Designs

Selected this app as it was the only one I could find to allow me to manually select different recommended products for each listing on my site. Initially it took a little time to get in contact with the team, but once they got my note they went above and beyond to help get it installed properly and format it to my site.



Thanks for sharing.

We are committed to providing an exceptional level of support for all customers going forward.