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2 de agosto de 2023

Terrible App, i think all the 5 stars reviews are fake. The pricing method is a Scam, why would i pay you for my sales if you didnt take part of these?

Also, in the Post purchase upsell you cant offer a disscount and free shipping, which is stupid, because if a customer bought from you, he already paid for a shipping but the App can't offer a free shipping for the second order.

A waste of money and time, dont download.

C&M TOYS Chile
16 días usando la aplicación
ReConvert 💵 respondió 5 de agosto de 2023

Hi there,

I'm trying to reach out via WhatsApp and was trying to call you but I'm getting no answer.

My name is Eric & I'm the CEO of ReConvert, my email is could you please send me an email? I promise I'll fix any issue you may have :)

Regarding fake reviews, I can assure you that 100% of our reviews are real, and took a lot of hard work to build and maintain our reputation. Also, Shopify has a 0 tolerance policy toward fake reviews.

About free shipping, you CAN offer both free shipping and a discount, would you like me to set it up for you? I didn't see you reached out to our support to help you out, our support is available via live chat 24/7.

Please get back to me so we can sort it out, I promise it'll will be worth your time ;)

Eric | ReConvert CEO

6 de agosto de 2023

On Sunday, you inform users of the free plan that they will have to start paying from Monday onwards. While there's no issue with the payment itself, informing business owners on a Sunday that they will be automatically transitioned to a paid plan the following business day seems a bit... sudden? Trust destroyed.

Casi 4 años usando la aplicación
ReConvert 💵 respondió 7 de agosto de 2023

Hi there,

Can you please get back to me at I will solve this for you, I promise it'll worth your time :)

I've been trying to call and email you but got no answer.

I really want to solve this issue for you,

Eric | ReConvert CEO

20 de noviembre de 2022

I used to love Reconvert when it was a simple thank you page upsell now it's too complicated. New features are great but why am I being forced to use them if I ONLY want to use the thank you page upsell. It's mandatory to incorporate some complicated funnel now which is unfortunate as I now have to delete the app and use another simpler app.

By Khila
Estados Unidos
13 días usando la aplicación
ReConvert 💵 respondió 23 de noviembre de 2022

Hi Khila,

This is Eric, I’m the CEO of ReConvert.

Thanks for giving us a chance, I just saw your review and I wanted to personally reach out and apologize for the experience you’ve had with our app.

It is not mandatory to create complex funnels in order to use our thank you, page editor. All the awesomeness we've had with the previous version of the app is still there, we just added some more powerful features to support the needs of more stores.

After all, we do have over 35,000 merchants actively using our app on their Shopify store :)

I was wondering if there is any chance we can jump on a call so I can show you how to use the new features in a simple way :)

This app is my business and it’s very important to me, please give me a chance to change your mind and give you the experience you deserve :)

Could you please get back to me?

Looking forward to hearing from you,


27 de agosto de 2023

Another Lousy app...Suddenly charged me without notification.

i just installed it but have not used it. It also charges me .. this is 3rd time happening..really lousy apps

Más de 1 año usando la aplicación
ReConvert 💵 respondió 29 de agosto de 2023

Hi there,

This billing was indeed an issue on our side and you were refunded immediately with compensation, so it seems like this issue has been solved.

I wish you would reach out to our amazing support team that is available 24/7 for you instead of just writing a bad review on the app store. An issue like this can be solved in a minute.

Especially considering that the app had an ROI of 716% compared to what you've charged wrongly, any other merchant would be super happy with such results.

This is not the first time you've done this with our apps, leaving a bad review once a single thing isn't working for you without asking for help, but we do wish you all the best and good luck with your store.

We're here if you ever wish to talk or give our apps another chance.

Eric | ReConvert & Minta CEO

28 de marzo de 2023

It could be incredible, however it doesn't integrate with other product fulfillment apps like LuLu Direct or Printful and scapegoats taking responsibility for the issue by putting it on Shopify.

Estados Unidos
6 meses usando la aplicación
10 de enero de 2023

The amount of spamming is unheard of. You enter an endless loop of emails and follow ups from which you can't unsubscribe. It's absolutely appaling and I am also reporting this to Shopify.

Awesome Maps
3 meses usando la aplicación
ReConvert 💵 respondió 16 de enero de 2023

Hi there,

Eric here the CEO,

Thanks for giving us a chance and I apologize for the inconvenience. I think this is just a confusion. You signed up with both your staging store and the main store and only unsubscribed from the main store, so you kept getting emails for the staging store (which is connected to the same email).

I see now that you've unsubscribed from both so you should be good to go! I also see that you're getting some amazing results with the app :)

Please get back to me so we can work out some sort of compensation and make sure we make things right with you. As Shopify store owners ourselves, it's important to us that our customers will have exceptional experience with our services.

Please get back to me:

Looking forward to talking to you,
Eric | ReConvert CEO

1 de diciembre de 2022

Have you seen the pricing????? Have you noticed the, "Oh we won't charge you $799.99 but we do need you to approve the charge." Unbelievable!

Express Tree Ornaments
Estados Unidos
3 minutos usando la aplicación
ReConvert 💵 respondió 1 de diciembre de 2022

Hi there,

I just tried calling you but couldn't get an answer, I left a voicemail.

The app is free for stores with less than 50 orders per month, we have more than 40,000 Shopify stores using the app, and we have no intention of jeopardizing our reputation. From what I see, in the last 30 days, you've had 11 orders (probably test orders since there is a "coming soon" page on your store) so you should be on the free plan :)

Do you really think that if we'd charge $800 for every store that installs our app we would have over 3000 5-star reviews?

Since we charge based on usage, stores must approve charges based on the highest possible amount.

Please get back to me and let's sort it out for you, also, you can always solve any issues you may have with our 24/7 live chat support and you can reach out to me personally if you have an issue, I'm the founder and can help you with anything you need: or +972538303878

Looking forward to helping you generate some extra revenue,

Eric | ReConvert CEO

3 de septiembre de 2023

13 minutos usando la aplicación
ReConvert 💵 respondió 6 de septiembre de 2023

We spoke on the phone and agreed that the issue you've had was already solved :)

Please let us know if there is still anything we can do for you.

We hope you now have a 5 star experience since you're still using the app :D


13 de agosto de 2022

Having many of my bundle upsells got unpaid, contacted support to get help, still not resolved after 5 days. You asking why I'm going to zipify then... Why we should pay for an app for if there is no help for a big issue in your app ?

4 meses usando la aplicación
ReConvert 💵 respondió 13 de agosto de 2022

Hi there,

Eric here, CEO at ReConvert

Thank you for giving us a chance, & I apologize for the inconvenience. We have a developer working full-time on your issue, but it seems to be a bit more complex than we anticipated.

I can assure you that we did not forget about you and do anything we can to solve your issue and make you a happy customer :)

I hope this issue will be resolved within 2-3 days.

I tried reaching out and couldn't get you on the phone.
Please get back to me at and let me make your experience better, you can communicate directly with me until this issue is solved,

Eric | ReConvert CEO

Fecha de modificación: 17 de octubre de 2022

Your Idea of ROI from using your app is insane, you think because our store generates money on its own that you can take credit for all conversions except you only count for less than .001 percent of those conversions. also, most people clicked on the upsell by accident, and then we returned those purchases and still lost money by being charged by your app. It's pretty trash don't waste your time there are other ways to upsell. Too Expensive for the actual money it brings in.

Alpine Products
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación
ReConvert 💵 respondió 30 de septiembre de 2022

Hi everyone at Alpine Products :)

Thank you for giving us a chance and thank you for your honest review.
I've been trying to reach out multiple times using any possible contact details I found including emails, calls, IG & contact forms but couldn't get an answer from any of your team members.

I want to address some of the points mentioned in your review:
1. We only count orders that are 100% attributed to ReConvert, this is something we're very proud of, if you have cases of specific orders that were attributed incorrectly please reach out and we will investigate such cases if identified as bugs. In such cases you'll also be compensated for such orders :)
2. About customers getting confused with the accept vs the decline buttons, we optimize for conversion so we use a "link" as the decline button, this work for some audiences that are more technical, for other less tech-savvy audiences it might be confusing.
This is what we make it look like by default:
But you can easily make it look like this:
Or even like this:
to prevent any confusion from happening.

I wish you'd reach out to our support team, we could have solved everything in about 5 minutes, our support is available via live chat 24/7 and even on calls when necessary.

Please get back to me personally and let me fix the experience you've had so far with our app, I'm sure it can benefit you're business and generate extra revenue without any headaches.

Looking forward to your reply,

Eric | ReConvert CEO