Browser Icon & Title Animation

Browser Icon & Title Animation


Retain Inactive Users - Notify via Browser Tab Title & Favicon

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The last chance to engage

Speak to your customers before they close all tabs. Reveal a secret coupon code or show some creative message.

Animate Icon and Title

5+ different animations, blink, flash or zoom tab icon and title.

Analytics for advanced usage

See how the recovery performs right in your Google Analytics dashboard.

关于 Browser Icon & Title Animation

The most advanced toolkit to control your store's Title and Icon animation.

App features:

  • Track visitors that switch to other browser tabs
  • Remind them to come back via browser tab notification
  • Animate title and favicon of your store
  • Help your site to get noticed among other browser tabs
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate
  • Improve customer retention
  • Google Analytics integration

The app allows you to configure a changing title, show a flickering emoji and apply various animations.


Favicon Configuration

You can select a Custom Emoji to replace your store's favicon when a tab is out of focus.

Aside from that, there are 3 types of icon animation available:

  • Zoom in/out - will make the icon shrink in and out
  • Opacity - will make the icon blinking
  • Swap between icons - will make selected icons replace each other

Note: To use any of favicon settings it's required to have your default favicon set up.


Title Configuration

You can select a Custom Title to replace your pages default title when visitors leave your tab forgotten.

Aside from that, there are 2 types of title animation available:

  • Fade in - will make your title appear letter by letter
  • Swap between titles - will make selected titles to replace each other

Here are some examples of well-performing titles to get you started::

  1. "Your secret code: SECRET10"
  2. "Please, come back"
  3. "Your cart is about to expire"


Trigger Settings

There are 2 options:

  • For any inactive tab - will make the effect happen anytime a visitor is distracted by another website
  • Only if Cart is not empty - will make the effect happen only a customer has items in a cart

There's also Animation Speed settings which allows you to control how fast the animations should perform.


Experiment with the settings and find out what works best for your store.



The app works with most of the themes out of the box. We use Shopify API to intelligently integrate our code into your store. We guarantee that your theme remains unchanged if you decide to uninstall the app.








5.0 评分

  • 5 评分
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Pashu Underwear

I'm happy with the app so far. Many advanced features and easy to setup. It reduced the amount of abandoned carts. Thanks!

Direct 4x4 Autozubehör

Love it! I really enjoy about using this app and it calls for attention of customers who left your page. I can recommend this app. Thx


Absolutely love this app. It had everything I was looking for, super easy to integrate, and the support is impeccable. Responded to me very quickly + made my request experience seamless. Highly recommend.