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Developed by Jacware LLC

Price: $19.00 – $79.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Turn any Shopify product into a subscription product
  • Setup in minutes
  • Integrates with industry leading payment processor Stripe

RecurHub is the easiest way to start selling subscription products on your Shopify store.

After installing the app with the click of a button any of your products can be turned into a subscription product!

To process credit cards we integrate with Stripe, one of the leading providers. If you do not already have a Stripe account RecurHub will walk you through the 30 second process of setting everything up.

How it works

After installing RecurHub a "create subscription" button will appear in your Shopify admin panel under each products page. After clicking this button your product will be turned into a subscription product.

When customers purchase a subscription product they will be redirect to a special checkout to complete their subscription. All credit card details are securly stored on Stripes PCI level 1 certified servers.

RecurHub can customize the text of your 'add to cart' buttons for just your subscription products. On any subscription products the buttons can be labled something like 'purchase subscription' while all your non-subscription products will remain the same.


RecurHub starts at $19/month and does not charge any trasaction fees. The price is based on how many subscribers you have, you can see the full details here: RecurHub.com/pricing.

To process credit cards RecurHub has partnered with Stripe.com. Stripe charges a simple 2.9%+¢30. There are no monthly or hidden fees.

Learn more

Find out more information at our website RecurHub.com. If you have any questions or need any help don't hesitate to contact us.

Please note: RecurHub currently only supports merchants in the United States, Canada or United Kingdom

RecurHub reviews (9)


We've installed and tested several subscriptions apps (integrated/not integrated with Shopify's platform). Updating all of our reveiws. Stay away from this app! (1) Too many integration issues. App will install; however the issue is at fulfilling (recurring) orders.

(2) We've sent several emails to their support que. We understand startup(s) in general may not have a full support team and support is handled by a very small number of team members. It's NOT acceptable for ZERO support ques or presence. IE: Pooki's Mahi's Support Center is robust to handle every use case/corner case scenario.

(3) Billing was a nightmare. If you uninstall the app, then make sure Recur Hub does NOT bill you. Our CAO noticed RecurHub billed us for 6-7 months. Execs called our financial firm and BLOCKED RecurHub from charging and managed to recover the 6-7 months of charges. It took 5 months to recover the money. Multiple follow ups with the financial institution.

We uninstalled this app on 11/2014 and then again on 2/2015. We ended up having to rebuild our subscription store on 2/2015 using a different subscription app.

As of 11/2015: Stay away from Chargify, RecurHub and BoldApps Subscription (read other folks reviews).
We've been using PayWhirl. At least PayWhirl "speaks" tech language and have built a more robust subscription app.

Contact support@pookismahi.com if you need more info.

This app is a good alternative to Chargify and significantly much cheaper ($19/month vs. $65/month). However there are some integration challenges as it relates to Shopify. RecurHub uses Stripe. If your shop has Shopify Payments enabled, then RecurHub's app *WILL NOT* work. Per Shopify's support, Shopify requires one payment gateway at a time. For shops with Shopify Payments the payment gateway is Shopify Payments.

1/16/2013 Update:
If subscriptions is important to the business, then there are other options that does not involve Chargify, RecurHub and in many cases the Shopify Platform. Pooki's Mahi has been trying to implement subscriptions since June 2013. The first option (Chargify) did not work. We installed in Sept 2013 and experienced <10 problems. The last open support ticket from 10/2013 has gone unanswered. Uninstalled Chargify this week (1/12).

We've been able to install RecurHub. This app is in Pilot testing; we've already identified <5-7 workflow issues and challenges. Have not received a response from RecurHub's Support Team; last support ticket was sent on 1/14/2014.

If TOS (Time On Site) is a key metric (and it should be) then there are some integration challenges between RecurHb and Shopify. Waiting for RecurHub's response to our Support ticket filed on 1/14/2014. Keeping the rating at 1 star. Once we've fully implemented the app and it works (short term solution) and the long term solution is in pilot, then will publish an indepth analysis of the apps, tools, and scripts required to launch a subscription program using Shopify as the initial store front.


The company has major customer service issues. They never return emails. I want to cancel my subscription, but they won't get back to me despite emails to them. I don't know what to do at this point.


I lost over $12k on subscriptions after the app failed and I had no idea. . Absolutely terrible. Scary bad. I never write bad reviews. STAY AWAY from this product.


This app flaked and cost me a month's worth of subscribers. When I contacted support, the first time they never got back to me. I contacted them again, they wrote back nearly a week later, and have still not resolved the issue with this app. This is incredibly disappointing.


I guess this is a nice app if you are doing business in a Stripe country (never heard of it, me neihter)


The app is very easy to use and set up, the integration is seamless. I would give this app 5 stars, but, there seems to be no support and no reply back to emails and the checkout page should be more customizable.


I love this app and would give 5 stars when I first signed up, but the lack of continued support has been disappointing. I do have an issue with the subscribe button not working in my quick shop page, and a few little tweaks for the administrator would help, but overall great app.


Just purchased this app and it's pretty easy to do what I need it to do. I have 3 subscription variations I needed set up and the Recurhub Admin panel explained how to do it pretty easily. It integrated pretty effortlessly with Shopify. I'm not a tech person and even I could figure this out! I hit a small very minor snag that was my own doing so I emailed the customer service team, they emailed me back within the hour and got my issue taken care of. So far no complaints. I'm not ready to launch yet is the only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars. So far so good though!


So far so good. Setup was easy, it's cheaper than the other options, but it doesn't feel or act like a cheaper system. Plus it integrates nicely into Shopify with Stripe which is fantastic if you use both like we do.

$19.00 – $79.00 / month
14 days



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