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Redigeret 9. april 2023

Customer service has been amazing! There are some quirks around pre-paying for subscriptions that I wish were easier to manage. I will have to go in and turn off subscriptions after a one-month pre-order period. You'd think there would be a way to automate that. Otherwise, just for the customer service to help me fit the app to my needs makes this app worth the fees.

Southeast Ohio Fiberworks
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21. november 2022

Especially if you start with the subscription, I have installed about seven subscription apps, tested them, and later de-installed them. No one can achieve my simple expectations (multicurrency & multilanguage). The support was always very kind but without results. The first one who started to work was App by Recurpay. All tweaks have been done within two days, and I am finally happy—my most profound recommendation. You can see the result at

4 dage bruger appen
11. januar 2023

We have been using Recurpay for our subscriptions for a couple of months now and I love the way their system is set up. I am a part of a small business, and the service is affordable for us. We have made several subscription sales on our website and Recurpay keeps them organized and labeled with subscription numbers so that we can always check on the status of subscribers, know when their payments will come out, and make changes to their subscriptions within the Recurpay app. However, the best part about Recurpay is the CUSTOMER SUPPORT! they have a chat function within the app where you can ask questions and get help--this has been an essential part of us getting our subscriptions set up correctly. Subscriptions have been trial and error for us for sure, and whenever we have questions or concerns, we are able to reach someone in the chat almost immediately, and they ALWAYS help us with whatever we need! Do yourself a favor and download/sign up for Recurpay. You will not regret it! Thank you Recurpay for helping our company be successful!

Three of Crones
8 måneder bruger appen
17. april 2023

I'm setting up my new Shopify store now with membership options facilitated by Recurpay.
I must say it's such a straightforward app. So easy to use but incredibly feature packed.
Then I stumbled across an issue I couldn't work out. So I hit up the live chat and spoke to Sinchain. My issue was sorted in literally less than a few minutes without me doing anything.
Genuinely one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. You've got a customer for life now and I hope my business takes off so we both succeed

7 dage bruger appen
12. februar 2023

Amazing! I had spent hours upon hours banking my head against the wall trying various apps to meet my need of having a bundle capability and a subscription capability. All fell short on so many levels. I figured I was just going to have to get separate apps since the combo ones were not working. I came across Recurpay, and I loved the simplicity of the set up. After trying over 6 different apps, this one was a breath of fresh air. I had an initial issue of Recurpay not recognizing the bundle products that were created with my new bundle app I decided to go with. At that point I thought I hit another brick wall.

I contacted their live chat customer service and I was helped within minutes. I discussed the issue of the bundle not showing, and my customer service rep was able to get the matter resolved immediately. It was like magic. If I could give this company 100 stars I would. From live chat to immediate assistance to fast resolve, yeah, this company is world class!!!

3 dage bruger appen
16. februar 2023

I tried almost every app on the Shopify store, and I finally was able to do what I needed with this one. For those of you trying to sell a product upfront for a one-time fee but automatically subscribe customers for an annual service on the product that is cheaper and in the same checkout process - you can do that here! I requires the paid version, but it is totally worth it. Sinchain was super helpful through the live chat and helped me test the process as well as customize a few other things I needed. Highly recommend!

Cirka 15 timer bruger appen
11. april 2023

I've been searching for the ultimate subscription app that offer a wide range of customized functionality since my business model and store is pretty complicated.
Recurpay is the only one in market that does what i need, i have uninstalled/removed the rest of subscription apps and now Recurpay does the job.

However, this review is mainly about their customer support under Sinchain who actually answered all my questions and customized what i needed in widget/plans/notification .. etc shout out to Sinchain and I hope Recurpay management read this review and promote Sinchain :)

You are in good hand with Recurpay and Sinchain.

6 dage bruger appen
2. maj 2023

This has been a great experience so far! It has taken me less then 15 minutes to set up and it integrated with my site very well. I had a couple of questions for the live chat. My questions were addressed in less then 5 minutes. They also offered other suggestions to help bring more success. Support was extremely friendly and helpful. Can't recommend enough!

Hendrich Coffee Co.
2 måneder bruger appen
24. februar 2023

Sinchain is the best! Quick replies, fast work and always able to make the edits we need. We needed to change if we charged shipping to our subscribers and not only did he make that possible he was able to go back and remove any charges for shipping to existing customers. He's simply the best. Just not enough words to say how happy we are with this app and Sinchain.

8 dage bruger appen
23. marts 2023

I cannot say enough about Recurpay and their customer service. I recieved help today from Sinchain. He was knowledable, fun and able to help me add a new discount code and subscription to my store. I am a new online Coffee Business and really want to make that special, memorable, quality impression to guests and customers. Recurpay with its pay as you grow plan was the perfect fit. But the customer service was A+. Thank you.

Living Earth Coffee
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