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2 mei 2023

Do NOT install this app. it's a total scam. i'm not sure how they have so many 5 star reviews but trust me folks you should look for alternatives and not make the same mistake I made.

edit: The developer has threatened to destroy my shop if i do not take down the review! I have reported this to Shopify and hopefully they will remove this app asap.

edit2: I cannot believe this! the developer has STALKED me on facebook and threatening me to delete my review. i contacted shopify so hopefully they will take appropriate action.

Zeno's pet supplies
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Recurpay heeft geantwoord 2 mei 2023


Hey Bud,

Loving your dedication to bring us down! It's been over 4 months now but you are still so disciplined and committed towards your mission of bringing us down. I love how Recurpay has become a part of your daily life routine where you WAKE UP > DELETE OLD REVIEW > WRITE NEW REVIEW and the time you take out for us every single day.
We also wonder how amazing you would have done if the same commitment and passion was put in building your own business than trying to bring someone else down.

Loving it like always! May this commitment and passion of yours continue the same way while we work towards building a better product for our merchants!

- Whole Recurpay Team

19 juni 2022

I un-instaal this application. but once I have done guess what, its now showing in my site! its now showing in all pages!!! don't install don't know how to fix this

oh, Wanted Studio
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