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2 juni 2023

Recurpay is an amazing product and they have the best customer support out there! I have really enjoyed the experience so far. And cheers for Sinchain for an amazing support helping me setup my subscriptions plans that I offer to my customers.

App gebruikt gedurende 10 dagen
1 juni 2023

This is the customer service that start up-and-learning clients dream of.
Super fast - attentive - and not to mention friendly with a healthy sense of humor! Sinchain has stellar programming on-the-spot skills. My 3 issues were solved in under 15 minutes. That means I could redirect my customers quickly as well - which makes my team look good :)

Thank you Recurpay for the balanced designer panels, the follow-up questions answered via email when I lost my connection, and your live and swift problem-solving attention!

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App gebruikt gedurende 4 maanden
Bewerkt 31 mei 2023

Fantastic app! Support is top-notch, prompt, and truly helpful. A game-changer for my Shopify store.

Qualia Focus
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 uur
30 mei 2023

amazing customer support, thank you it has helped me with my product subscriptions and is simple to use

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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 20 uur
29 mei 2023

Writing this on behalf of the team at Adventia Pharma. We helped them implement Subscriptions via Recurpay and as usual, the support team was prompt to offer help, resolution to doubts, and even meaningful suggestions on how we could do things a lot better. Great support experience and easy-to-use platform. Recommended for e-commerce stores that are looking to implement no-fuss subscriptions.

App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een maand
26 mei 2023

The software does exactly what we need it to do. Even with our complex needs. What make this solution 5 stars is the great support that comes with the great software.

Rakanda Gold Coffee
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App gebruikt gedurende 3 dagen
25 mei 2023

Great Support - Quick and extremely helpful. Went above and beyond to help get the app working properly

Bubble Sip
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App gebruikt gedurende 3 maanden
25 mei 2023

This app is incredible but what really set it apart is its customer service. I've been using their chat box A LOT this past few weeks with so many questions, Sinchain is so helpful, having an answer for my most tricky questions + they have a great GIF game, thank you!

App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een maand
24 mei 2023

when I needed help, they were happy to help, and even offered to fix something on my site I couldn't figure out. I didn't even ask! :) They were great, and super helpful. I definitely recommend, for sure.

EarthRoast Coffee
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App gebruikt gedurende 29 dagen
Bewerkt 24 mei 2023

Active and Knowledgeable support. Helps me a lot with queries and provides a definite answer.

The Application carries most of the functions needed for subscription plans. It is very simple and easy to use. The Layout is clean and good on the eye.

Thank you Recurpay!

State of Fashion
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App gebruikt gedurende 2 dagen