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Bearbeitet am 24. November 2020

Support team sometimes difficult to work with and does not understand or accept issues....We can't wait for future features such as editable subscriptions. Just a quick note on how the App functions: all invoices are sent via the Draft Order function in Shopify. If a customer does not pay the invoice it will float as draft and must be manually deleted after the time expires. Also drafts will be created when a customer abandons a cart without entering their contact info only if a subscription item was in the cart. If you use the Draft order function of Shopify, you will need to clean up often.
Otherwise this App is very simple to use and won't hijack your checkout process as the other subscription Apps do. Don't be afraid to ask the SpurIT team for help...they will respond quickly (I received same day help on Christmas)

Rusty Dog Coffee
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ITECOM LIMITED hat geantwortet 9. Januar 2020

Hello. Thanks for your feedback, it's highly appreciated! Please feel free to contact us anytime, we are always ready to assist!

Bearbeitet am 9. März 2021

Original Review Posted 3/3/2021: This app worked well with my site's theme, but there have been problems. The majority of clients that signed up for subscriptions using this app did so accidentally. Most of my clients found it confusing and they did not like that they could not edit their subscriptions without deleting them and starting over. It was too much money for something that did not bring value to the shopper's experience. I'm going to try a FREE subscriptions app next time. UPDATE: 3/9
This company contacted me AFTER I posted this review MULTIPLE times asking me to take this review down because it would "hurt their business." After, I replied stating that I thought the review was fair they posted the response below. It is very misleading. A merchant should not be harassed after posting any review. I can only imagine what would happen if someone posted a 1 or 2 star review. Just completely ridiculous.
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ITECOM LIMITED hat geantwortet 9. März 2021

Thanks for your feedback and sorry that you've faced such inconvenience. We've contacted you via email regarding this case in order to clarify and help if possible :)

7. April 2021

Bonjour, je n'arrive pas a changer les mots " weekly" "montly" et " custom" en Français, je n'arrive pas a contacter le support, si on à plus de 200 produits il est écrit nul part combien est-ce que ca va nous couter ?

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ITECOM LIMITED hat geantwortet 7. April 2021

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for such inconvenience. We tried to contact you regarding this case but didn't receive a response yet. Please drop us a line at your convenience. Hope to hear from you soon!