Subscription & Recurring Order

Subscription & Recurring Order


Subscriptions: Recurring Payments. Subscribe & Save

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Enable subscription offers

Offer flexible payment plans with discounts for a subscription. The widget is fully customizable, place it anywhere on the page.

Reduce chargebacks

The app sends recurring invoices. Customers who forget about their subscription won’t be angry about another automatic payment.

Flexible subscription rules

Create rules for any type of business. Set up and manage subscriptions in minutes, filter by collections, add products, etc.

有關 Subscription & Recurring Order


  • automatic subscriptions fully integrated with Shopify Checkout (user charges supported with recurring invoices at once);
  • rules applied to a collection or the whole store in 1-click with a flexible subscription period (days/months/year & custom);
  • powerful “Analytics” tab to analyze subscriptions’ efficiency with insightful metrics;
  • built-in “Failed Payment” and “Cancellation” Flows to automate sales funnel;
  • fully customizable subscription widget also available in “Quick View” and “Featured Product” sections;
  • re-designed user notifications, smart subscriptions management, new “Pay now” and “Skip payment” features,
  • and more!

Our app provides weekly, monthly, or custom predefined recurring subscriptions for any kind of products you sell. It sends invoices for quick payment and prevents your customers to be charged automatically in case of a subscription no longer valid.

Having lots of subscriptions makes it easy to forget about one or two. While the app doesn’t bill your customers directly, it still sells. Sending invoices brings down the risk of refunds or negative claims, as often happens when someone’s billed without warning.

How it works

Customers see a subscription option on a specified product(s) page. The app will send them automatic recurrent invoices with the payment options provided to your store by the Shopify billing system.

Key Features

Automatic invoices

The app generates automatic invoices. Your customers can use any payment method suitable for them.

0% fee for subscriptions

Our app doesn't charge any fees on recurring items. All recurring charges go through the Shopify billing system.

No customer log in/registration required

Customers don't need to register or log in while paying for an order.

No more separate carts

You don’t need two types of carts - for regular and subscription purchases. A mixed cart keeps all orders nicely in one place.

Taxes & shipping charges

All specified taxes and shipping rates are applied automatically based on your Shopify store settings and are always up-to-date.

Reminder emails for subscribers

You can optionally send a friendly reminder before the next invoice is sent. You can make up invoices and notifications of your own style to personalize marketing appeal.

Fully customizable widget

Subscription widget design can be adjusted for any theme with a built-in editor and online preview feature.

100% quality guarantee

If you encounter a problem while you're on a free trial, please contact us - we'll be happy to solve it and extend your trial for another 7 days.

24/7 Support

We will always guide you if you need a helping hand. The app is very easy to set up, but please feel free to call, chat with us in the app or send an email.

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Free Plan


  • Enable one product on a specific page for FREE
  • 0% commission for subscription billing

Beginner Plan

每月 $15.95

  • Up to 10 products per month
  • 95% of Shopify themes supported
  • Assistance to set up
  • Fast live chat support
  • + All from the Free Plan

Basic Plan

每月 $19.95

  • Up to 100 products per month
  • 95% of Shopify themes supported
  • Assistance to set up
  • Fast live chat support
  • + All from the Free Plan

Pro Plan

每月 $29.95

  • Up to 200 products per month
  • 95% of Shopify themes supported
  • Assistance to set up
  • Fast live chat support
  • + All from the Free Plan

* 所有費用均以美元計收。 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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So Wax Detailing Ltd

Great app, super impressed. Has integrated flawlessly and improved the store as a whole. Highly recommended!

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