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There is a long way to go to make this app the go-to membership app for Shopify, but the prerequisites are all there due to the Bold team's great openness, availability, and support capabilities. I recommend using it also as an app to invest everyone in so as to make it the app that all Shopify merchants would like to have to start a Membership program on their stores. I hope Bold Membership will grow in the way the assumptions suggest.

BOLDが返信しました 2022年2月4日

Thank you for your thoughtful review! We are glad to be able to provide the support you needed and are also looking forward seeing your memberships grow! Thanks for choosing Bold!


Thanks for your Support on recurring Membership app, Hamza! I had an issue to show buy button on static page. Thanks for clarifying the issue.


The bold subscriptions app is super useful. Also, their support team is quite responsive and always are there to help if needed

Restless Soul

Slightly confusing to get started but you soon figure it out and their email & chat support has been excellent when I've needed them! Especially Hamza! Thank you!

Fiddly Bitz
BOLDが返信しました 2021年6月8日

Appreciate the review. Kudos have been passed along to Hamza.


solid app but could really use discount codes for the memberships. Hamza is an excellent customer service rep

Angel Accent Shop
BOLDが返信しました 2021年5月11日

Thank you for your review and feedback ! We are so happy that Hamza provided you with excellent support.


I had a few issues with this app but with the AMAZING help of Hamza he helped me solve all the issues I was having- he was very patient and got the job done. Now that its running smoothly hopefully the app will preform

Kaladar Market

After a little struggle setting up, I received great support from Esha. She patiently walked me through the process and resolved my issues.

The Fashion Forum
BOLDが返信しました 2020年10月28日

Thank you so much for your review. We are very happy to hear that Esha was able to turn your experience around and provide you with the help that you needed! Please don't hesitate to reach out should you require any more assistance.


Kelsey was super helpful in allowing me to troubleshoot my access! The only thing that would make this app better would be to have an integration with my email system, so I don't have to export each member individually.

BOLDが返信しました 2019年12月23日

Hi there! We appreciate the review, and the feedback! I'll be sure to pass that along to our team. We're always looking for ways to improve our apps. We're happy to hear that Kelsey was able to help you out with troubleshooting! Don't hesitate to reach out if we can do anything else for you. :-)


Eric at Bold Memberships was a pleasure to deal with and worked very hard to resolve any issues or questions I had.

Rieben Financial
BOLDが返信しました 2019年12月3日

Hi there! We're so glad that our app specialist, Eric, was able to work with you and get everything resolved and answered. We hope you continue enjoy using Bold Memberships!

We're ready to help with anything else we can in the future. :-) Please let us know if you need anything else.


Edit: Instead of deleting I wanted to edit my review as the first review was my true experience. However I must say the customer service has been outstanding. Miranda has kept me updated on changes and next steps as well as extended my trial period to give me a true trial period. The only reason I gave 4 stars and not five is the app is not easy to install for a non techy newbiew, but in reality thinking about its functionality one should expect it to be a little complicated. Right now I am pleased. Thanks BOLD team. Now I need to figure out the returns app with Bold...oh boy...

1st Review: Not going well so far I’m still in the 14 day trial period and I’ve only emailed back & forth about what they need to get started. First I sent an invite for staff account for one app, but it appears I needed to send another one for a different service with BOLD, then I needed to delete that one (or both, lost track) today I need to allow some permission for something. I might have 8 or 9 days left in the “trial”. You should probably start the trial once all the tech stuff is done.

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