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So, I'm a small scale grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork farmer in rural Nova Scotia. I have been for 10 years now, and for 10 years the big challenge has always been how does little ol me, in a world where big player grocery stores have the people all trained to drive to one place and get everything they could possibly dream of, find the customers who still want to know where their food really comes from. The problem is that it's inconvenient for them to drive to my farm in the middle of nowhere, so my first thought is that I'll make an online retail shop, take orders, and then I'll get the products to them, several customers at one time. But the issue for them is that it's still not as convenient for them because they eat more than just meat, and they'd like to get other foods locally too. So my idea becomes to source more local products from all my farmer friends, and I'll put it on my store and bring it to our customers too. But EVERY farmer has a different weekly routine, and it becomes almost impossible to organize a communication routine to place our weekly customer orders to the various farmers--they all have different production schedules. This problem almost thwarted the business idea, because the small independent dairy farmer just needed more lead time when they were pouring the milk and making the yogurt! Then I discovered Recurring Orders from BOLD! This changed everything! Now customers can just make a standing order for a set period of time, and we are able to give the dairy folks plenty of lead time! Not only that, the customers can make standing orders for lots of their weekly food needs, and yet they still have the flexibility of making one-time orders any week they want for products we already have in inventory back at the farm. So, we're able in a smaller scale than would ever be feasible to offer something as convenient as the old fashioned doorstep milk delivery, but without the scale needed to absorb order losses from order cancellations, and we can even bring all the other weekly groceries too! Now this is a story of how appropriate technology can give back opportunity to small business, allowing the good things from the past to be new again. Recurring Orders will be Re-generating our Nova Scotia economy, one happy locavore at a time! Big greedy guys, we might take a little of your market!

I don't have time to learn the liquid programming knowledge...not while there's cows to tend and fences to mend. The opportunity for your teck-hand Mohammad to do it for me was MUCH appreciated! Thanks man! Your instructions were in delivered in perfect clarity and simplicity! Just thanks!


Great idea, poor execution and support.

I've run into support issues with Bold Apps in the past. They are super aggressive with soliciting reviews so you end up with a skewed feedback when looking at their apps, which is why I'm taking the time to leave an honest review.

I had a customer contact me about a problem with the app. I had him give me all the specifics and he even took screenshots of the errors, which I submitted along with my ticket to Bold a couple of days ago.

In the meantime I lost a $200+ monthly subscription since the customer can't complete the order, and I haven't' heard a peep beyond the automated we'll get back to you email.

The app itself seems ok if they can get it working, but the support is not up to par. I have however, gotten at least 4 or 5 emails offering to get free or discounted apps in exchange for leaving a review. I don't think this was what they had in mind.


Great app, easy to use functionality and very user friendly. Great appearance on website as well. Makes accepting subscription orders seamless when checking out!


I can't believe it is free! I guess that's just another great reason to be with Shopify. Oops, but I'm writing on behalf of my partner and I who have been lucky enough to find a totally 100% (really) FREE Automated Recorriing Payments, and Recurring DONATIONS and Recurring Advertising APP from Bold. We were researching and looking for almost three years and here we are with Bold Commerce and their whole slew of FREE Products (atleast for Shopify Web-Shop Clients) but I am very certain that anyone can get the 90 DAY FREE TRIALS they offer for all of their apps! Thanks Shopify and Thanks Bold Commerce!

Multatuli Coffee Merchants

Aryan Sharma helped us out quickly with a small technical question. We've used this app for over 5 years now and are completely happy with the functionality and recurring revenue.

5 Oclock Club

Everything seems to be working perfectly so far. The set up was hassle free, would definitely recommend to anyone who would like a subscription payment app.


Great app! Thanks Brenden for setting it up for me!

Felix Paydirts Gourmet Gold

Yes, I would definitely recommend Recurring Orders. The app is great, easy to use, and the customer service is top notch! Brenden has been more than helpful with everything and quick as well! This kind of service is rare these days so thank you!

Oh Pesto

The app is great! Well planned and executed...very user friendly with lots of functionality. My biggest concern was the ability for my customers to be able to log in to my page and control their subscription and this app allows this. It also looks great (I hate the Amazon radio button used on other apps).

Big thanks to Kevin for his technical help and Brenden for getting me started! High five!

Had some minor requests and Corey did a great job getting the changes taken care of. Great company from my experience so far.


Bold you have done it AGAIN! Thank you for building this incredible app. The support team is lightning fast. Do yourself a favor and have them install the app so you can focus on selling.
Thanks Graeme,You rock.