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Bold Subscriptions


Subscription Box, Recurring Orders & Payments for Shopify

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Healthy Vitamins For You

Disappointed! Their service was good and the app is decent and all seems to work. However, you will most likely need them to install it as it happened to me, the automatic seems not to work properly.

What really disappointed me about this app though was this:

THEY DO NOT FOLLOW the settings of your payment processor. I have it to "authorize" an order and not "capture" because I want to make sure and double check my product is in stock before the payment is actually processed.

This is important because you will also avoid refund fees from your processor if you simply authorize and then when you are sure, you capture.

However, "bold" captures the payment and does not follow my merchant processor settings within shopify. As such, I have to void the order from my processor and then I am left with a paid order within shopify.

It just messes everything up. Then, I have to manually cancel the customer subscription too.

Very disappointed.

Fresh Meal Prep

1 Star because the app basically works, and another star because they have a live chat where someone answers ... BUT, it has tons of useless restrictions. Lots of little things that are easily added, but they keep funneling you to their developer requests page so they can quote you and make you pay for a feature that honestly should 100% be included, specially for the price tag.

They bill $200 a month plus 1% on transactions, which from this store is at least an additional $140+ a month in fees. Yet, you can't do simple things like the below.

- no more than 1 custom shipping option. Why even limit it to one custom option ?!
- you can't exclude shopify shipping options. That's a tick of button feature that's needed.
- for standard subscriptions, you can't track what day of the week they pay in order details within shopify. If you want notes or special tags for separate subscriptions, you're screwed.
- for build-a-box, you can't simply switch boxes within the same subscription. Your clients have to work it hard to cancel one subscription, place another order and then that works. NO Customer, wants to work this hard.
- we had to build out separate standard subscriptions just so we can control what day of the week orders process when within the same week.
- AND most important of all, ifs you run adwords, you CAN NOT track sales without requesting something custom from a partner or developer of theirs. MORE Money for something so basic.

Because they control all the pages used during checkout, you're cut at the knees to make it reflect well for your business. There are a lot more issues that are so basic, but they seem to be more inclined to be greedy for these features to be added, than be happy with the hundreds of dollars they bill you every month just for using an app that has been the same for a couple years. Try other apps before you are stuck with Bold. They should realize that a happy customer who's store can scale and have access to other simple settings will stay longer and pay those hundreds of dollars a month for longer. Instead, they want you to pay more or leave. Greedy.

Developer reply

March 25, 2019

Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your feedback, and I'm very sorry to hear you are unhappy with some aspects of our app. I wanted to let you know that we listen to our merchants' feedback and have shared your suggestions with the appropriate team.

We have also reached out via email to expand on your concerns individually, and are happy to share that some of the features you were looking for can be accessed when Subscriptions is integrated with our free app, Bold Cashier (the link for that can be found within our email). :-)

Please do let us know if you have any further questions or concerns!


TLDR: Their email system is not set up correctly. Contacted their devs about it numerous times, but they were incompetent and did not fix it. If you're concerned about subscription emails being delivered, I'd steer away from them.

Specifically their SPF records were not set up correctly, and ASPF and ADKIM are unable to pass verification. As a result, subscription transaction emails often get flagged as spam or at a minimum have the "via" tag. We directed them to the appropriate docs to fix said issue, but they refused. If they cannot set up their email servers correctly, it leads me to question how they can run a subscription app. We are looking into switching to Recharge.


Customer service is good (I suggest emailing over the live chat).
However, the app bugged on us on our first day of launching and while bold fixed the issue after 1 full day, they were completely unhelpful in helping us save the customers we lost due to the fault in the app.


This app is mediocre at best. Unfortunately, if you're looking to run a recurring subscription service you really only have two options. The unintuitive user interface, obnoxious automated emails, and lack of flexibility clearly demonstrates that there is a massive opportunity for someone else to come into this space and do this 10x better (with minimal effort).

Ruby Rockets

The app itself is good, but it made a lot of hardcoded changes to my theme files that were quite difficult to remove after I got rid of the app. Make a back-up before you download this app!!!

Choco Chips

I think I would really like bold but I can't reach anyone for help. Probably the scariest thing is if its always going to be like this.


had to request install 3x
Confusing interface full of ads trying to upsell other products

Subscriptions don't support product variants - so you have to create SUPER clunky options for every variant.

I have a service business, and it's already tough to work around Shopify's myopic focus on Ecommerce.

They offer a lot of customer support but ultimately I'd rather just use something else that's less aggressive

Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics

Lots of issues, some of which were "fixed" but I learned that superficial changes were made that did not solve the issue. Had issues with processing payments, there was an error one month because the "system was down". Some customers had to sign up 2-3 times, never successfully doing it. Automatically takes the person through PayPal if they have anything other than the membership also in the cart, meaning the person does not sign up correctly and is not registered as a subscriber. The offer of compensation was 3 free months, which I appreciated, but it was such a continuing headache I moved to a different app and have had zero issues.

Rocket Supplements Australia

Really great concept but poorly executed. Any update of product inventory means that I get a notification that I have deleted products that are part of recurring orders. This means I have to re-add the same products to the app over and over again. The app also started adding 10% on to my orders for an unknown reason which I had to manually correct and refund credit cards etc. Support are responsive but the reply to having to re-add the same products every time I update the inventory was effectively "that's just how it works". I am actively looking for an alternative which is a shame as it could be a good app.

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